What To-Do When You Have So Much To Do - By NadineAmanduh

What To-Do When You Have So Much To Do

What to do when you are managing numerous tasks, receiving lots of email, SMS, Viber and etc., dealing with your personal life, family finances and etc? A To-do list is a common answer that you will get so you won’t forget things. But it really doesn’t answer what to-do when you have a lot of things going on. Like, which one comes first?

Sometimes (well most of the time for me), we cannot keep up with it all what’s going on. We find it difficult to really focus on things that needs to be done. It all keeps on piling, and it can feel extremely overwhelming.

Well I haven’t blogged for a really long time. Because I have so much to do, a lot has happened and there are a lot of things (and the list still goes on and on) that I need to prioritize. I’m a bit guilty I did not take the advantage of posting something for the new year’s, valentine’s and etc.

So I wanted to start my first post for the year on the self-improvement category on my blog.

What To-Do When You Have So Much To Do - By NadineAmanduh

It is easy to say for some that you just have to prioritize what needs to be done and you’re good to go. Today’s article will make it slightly strategic. It should prime your mind on how to manage what to-do when you have so much to do.

First To-Do: PPE – Pick, Place, Eradicate

First things first. You need a sound mind. And some people deal with that by getting their coffee fix in the morning or a quick breakfast. Up to you. This will help you throughout the day because you need to bank in your decision-making skills. Because you’ll have to identify what needs to be done within the day and which tasks can you leave for the rest of the week.

Pick. Try starting with a to-do list. You can include a big project, tasks for the week and for the day. Then just pick the most urgent ones. While you’re waiting for feedback on some things, you can use that time on picking  what else needs to be done for that day. If you find yourself able to accomplish a lot of tasks for the day, then that’s good. You can use your spare time to review tasks for your big project.

Place. You cannot fit all tasks in one day. After picking your tasks, you can place all other tasks on different days. Depending on the urgency. For example you are working on a few small projects today and there are things that needs to be submitted within the week. It’s best to move those tasks on a different day of the week. Got it?

Eradicate. Let’s be honest that sometimes people reach out to you for help, may it be work-related or personal. It’s ok to pay attention to those things. However, you need to gauge which of those requires your full attention or your skill set to offer your help. Like for example, a colleague is requesting for help on creating a banner for the office. But it’s not part of your skill set to conceptualize and design. Then you might want to endorse them to a colleague who can help. In that way you’re able to eradicate a task that doesn’t require your help.

Now you’re getting good in managing your to-do list!

Simplify by Scheduling

Well there are things that you can’t do all in one day or on your strict 8 to 9 hour shift. But how do we actually fit all of these stuff in order for you to accomplish it?

So you’ve picked your tasks, place them on the “week’s waiting list”, and eradicate a few things… Now, you have to learn to schedule your commitments. This means being mindful of those tasks that have deadlines. It is important that you know how to schedule them. May it be on your phone, your planner or computer.

You may not recall but there maybe lots of favors or requests that you’ve said “yes” to. It’s normal. But this is one of the reasons why you’re overloaded of things to do. Don’t be that type of person who’s afraid to be labeled unhelpful just because you won’t say yes to other people’s requests. Be firm in saying yes to what’s only important and be firm in saying no to stuff that are not important. This helps you adhering to your schedule and accomplish your tasks..

Your life is not simplified if you know how to schedule.


You are now working on your scheduled tasks.. But you easily get distracted. Distractions like the environment: Could be the temperature, or the noise. Those are the basic ones. And I’m not going to dive in further on how you can eliminate those factors. You just have to be willing to accomplish your tasks and those factors wouldn’t matter.

But the biggest distraction that’s taking your focus out of your work is… Your mobile phone. Not to mention all those social media notifications.

You already know how to schedule you tasks. Then its best if you know when to schedule your browsing through social media. Quick TIP: What I personally do is I turn off all notifications on my social media apps. So I only check them every time I’m on my quick break. I wouldn’t be tempted to open Facebook or Instagram while I’m doing stuff at work.

So how about email and messaging apps? Your work email should be a priority. If you are directly reporting to someone,their emails are always your priority. If you’re working on with colleagues on a project, it’s also a must to read their emails. But gauge if it needs your response. And how about your SMS,  and messaging apps like: Messenger or Viber. These are messaging systems where people could easily reach you. It’s ok to consider to leave the notifications ON on these apps because it could be something urgent. But then again, you need to know when to or when not to respond.

Better to keep your phone on silent too while working.

I hope reading this blog post will help you find that you’re not so overloaded with stuff to do. It’s just about making it manageable. This will help you continue to have a healthy relationship with your work too. A work-life balance rather. Let me know what you thing in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Thanks for reading! 😉

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