5 Cool Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine - By NadineAmanduh

5 Cool Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

I am a happy morning person. I don’t dread every morning waking up early. My morning routine is, I usually wake up between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM for work. Then I make sure I leave between 4:30 AM and 4:45 AM. I join a car pool and sometimes the pick up time varies. Latest time that i get to leave my house is at 5:00 AM. I live 20Km away from where I work. Yep!

5 Cool Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine - By NadineAmanduh

So what happens in between those morning routines? On today’s blog I wanted to share ways on how can you simply amp up your morning routine. Especially if you’re not a morning person and also if you’re the type of person who literally hate Mondays.

1. Wake Up Earlier Than Usual

At least 15 to 30 minutes prior to your usual time. Why so? This develops self-discipline. Waking up earlier than your usual routine gives you time for a good stretch, check your messages overnight (no work emails please), and also making your bed.

Oops, and time to hydrate yourself and make your coffee. Trust me you’ll feel good once you learned how to do this. You can check my blog about Self-discipline here.

2. Add Music To Your Routine

Amp up your morning routine by playing music. I personally use iMusic or Spotify on my phone. If you have none of those, you can simply go to YouTube and search for a playlist. So there 😉 It’s good to listen to music while you’re doing your usual routine.

5 Cool Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

3. Skip The Hot Shower

Yes! Most people tend to prep for a hot bath but this time skip it. Just go with the usual water temperature of your shower. What I simply wanted to say is its ok to have a cold shower.

Benefits of cold bath are: It improves blood circulation, It keeps your hair and skin healthier (coz hot shower usually dries out your hair and skin), it increases immunity, and it relieves stress and anxiety (More about stress and anxiety here)

4. Be In Style

But still be comfy. You can stick to your usual work clothes. Example for girls, if your usual is a blouse and slacks or pencil skirt. You can upgrade your style by adding a nice coat and some accessories like a nice wristwatch and earrings. Those are the safest accessories for work. As for guys, I’m suggesting also to add a coat or a nice jacket for your outfit. Accessorize with a wristwatch and a bracelet. This still depends on your personal style. It feels good to go to work being more than presentable.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

if you’re that type of person who just gets something to drink whenever you’re on your break and getting water from your office pantry. Then don’t be that person anymore. Another thing to add to your routine is to bring your own water tumbler. A good tall one would do. This keeps you hydrated whenever and you don’t need to wait for your break schedules just to hydrate yourself.

I hope this article helps you upgrade your morning routine. Tel me what you think about it by leaving your comments below, or you can contact me here
and let me know what else you would want to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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