A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care - By NadineAmanduh

A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care

As years goes by, I’ve been more aware how to take care of my skin. I have gone to the stages where I only wash my face with water and bath soap. Which evolved to washing with a facial wash, then added astringent. Followed the cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine. I even went to a phase that I tested a lot of facial care products. I had breakouts, I had a phase where I really loved my skin because its spotless and rarely have breakouts.

Through the years I also spent a lot in maintaining a good skin care routine. I spent too much on facials and facial care products. And of course we have to admit not all of us can really afford on maintaining good skin care routine and without sometimes ruining the budget. Most of are not celebrities who are subjected in maintaining a flawless skin.


I like to share my own facial care routine that will totally not ruin your budget. That’s why the blog post’s today is entitled A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care. I’m breaking it down from removing my makeup, washing my face, toning, moisturizing and some facial care hacks that you can easily do at home. 😉



A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care—A must: REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP

I swear I can’t go out of the house without makeup or at least putting on some sunscreen even I’m just going to feed my cat or pickup the laundry– and I don’t care if I’ll be judged for that. As much as I love putting on make up is also as much as I love removing them from my face when I get home from work, or wherever. My tipid girl tip is to use baby wipes (preferably alcohol free or unscented) and baby oil.

Those are the actual products that I use. I buy the Watsons Unscented Wet Tissues huge pack of 50 wipes for only 79 pesos (that’s a dollar and 50 cents) and small bottle of Johnson’s baby oil for only 32 pesos (less than a dollar!). I prefer a small bottle so it’s very handy when I travel.

What I do is I fold the wipes into two and drop baby oil on 4 corners of the folded wipes and plus one drop in the middle. I open the wipes and start removing my makeup in circular motion starting from any corner where I dropped baby oil. Basically, 2 corners for the eye section. 3rd corner for the nose. 4th corner for the lips and the middle one for all over the face. I swear it removes all of your makeup.

What if I become to oily? And it will clog my pores

This is a very common question that I get from my people who ask how I remove my makeup. Yes its oily, but its baby oil (not cooking oil). Also, it won’t clog your pores as long as you won’t let the baby oil set into your skin for hours. That leads us to the next step.

The Tipid Way of washing your face

Have you heard of double cleansing? I actually discussed this in one of my recent blogs.

How Often Should You Wash Your Face

So after removing my makeup with my baby wipes and baby oil on my baby skin (kidding). It’s a sin not to wash with water and your preferred facial wash. The blog link on the top is very helpful where I discussed as well what type of facial wash you can use for different types of skin.

I have a sensitive skin. It’s like my face has mood swings. Sometimes I’m all good with this product, then after a few days or even after a looong time, my skin would react to a particular product that I’ve been using. So I use a gel type of facial wash. I use either Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel for only 89 pesos (If I can recall). Again nothing too big and bulky so it ca come handy during travels.

Also, it’s better if you have a separate towel strictly for your face only– for hygienic purposes of course. As for me, I only wipe with a bath towel under my neck, the rest of my face I use a clean tissue (even a kitchen towel will do for me).

A Tipid Girl’s Toner

A Toner is another “must” in facial care. Because even after double cleansing, it wouldn’t remove all impurities sipped into your pores. I like using Belo Essentials Pore Refining Toner because its mild and it doesn’t sting even if I apply it around me eyes. You can buy one for only 59 pesos.

Before I used to buy cotton pads that usually cost around 60 pesos for 90 pieces (i guess) of cotton pads. But compare that to a small pack of Purity Cotton at 6 pesos. This small cotton pack usually lasts 2 weeks for me.

A Tipid Girl’s moisturizer

I really don’t splurge on moisturizer ever since. I only consider it a splurge if I’m buying two small cream pots or one huge cream pot. I’ve been religiously using Ponds Anti Aging Night Cream (or day cream. doesn’t matter day or night). I am always buying the small cream pot for only 99 pesos. That’s good for 2 weeks (and a few days– depending on how much you apply). If you’re really broke but skin care is life, you can opt on using Olay All-in-one Fairness Day Cream (in sachet) that only cost you 15 pesos! That’s how cheap it is but good for your skin. I’m guessing one sachet is good for a week’s use.

Other Tipid Girl’s guide to facial care


It’s important that we also exfoliate our skin. According to research, it’ advised to exfoliate at least once or twice a week. But for my case since I have sensitive skin, I exfoliate at least once a month only. I’ve been a loyal user of St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub. As usual I only buy the small ones so its handy for travel, and since I only exfoliate once a month. This rejuvenating exfoliating goodie only cost 86 pesos (last time I checked).

If I want a more natural way of exfoliating. I head to our kitchen counter and reach for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Brown Sugar. A 1/4 cup of EVOO plus 3 tablespoons of brown sugar–mix it. And lather it on your face. Specifically brown sugar over salt is preferred because it’s not as rough as salt when you scrub it on your skin. Please take note: Don’t forget to wash your face with water post scrubbing EVOO and brown sugar and followed by another wash with your facial wash.


A natural way that I do to detoxify is I wash my face with hot to warm green tea. Even a regular tea bag will do. It is said that tea has detoxifying properties. Also it helps reduce sebum, fights premature aging, and can treat mild to moderate acne. As for me, I use a regular lipton tea bag.


Besides my usual moisturizing. I like hydrating my skin with a face mask. It’s the easiest way to get supple skin in less than an hour. I usually use a sheet mask when I need to do my make up on special occasions because I noticed that moisturizer and makeup glide smoothly post face mask. My Favorite is Watsons Beauty Buffet 365 Face Mask. I like its texture and the sheet is very thin and it really feels refreshing on my face. You can buy one sheet mask for only 59 pesos. And if you’re lucky, sometimes its buy one take one 🙂 (I am not kidding)

Not only I use this pre-makeup application. I also use this at night-time if I want to relax at home, while reading a book, or as simple as I just want to get lazy. I have no cheaper alternative for this because beauty goodie is already cheap.

How much are all of these beauty goodies?

For my double cleansing: Watsons wipes at 79 pesos, baby oil at 32 pesos, ponds facial wash at 89 pesos. All Double Cleansing products for only 200 pesos. Plus toner at 59 pesos, total of 259 pesos.

For moisturizing, it only costs me 99 pesos — but then again if you’re broke af, that’s 15 pesos x2 for it to last for 2 weeks. But I’m settling for the 99 pesos that I do religiously. Everything is a total of 358 pesos! (That’s less than 8 dollars).

Take note: The products that I only buy for every 2 weeks is my toner and my moisturizer. So in a month I spend 516 pesos (or less). Imagine that amount versus a one time facial only? If you always care for your skin properly, you won’t need to have regular facials– this is if you’re not prone to breakouts.

All of my facial care products are available in Watsons. Except for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Brown Sugar, and tea bag. Which you can find at your local grocery store. 🙂

That is all for today’s blog post. Care to share your tipid facial care tips? Leave it on the comments below. You can also contact me here, and let me know what other blog posts you want to read or if you have questions. Thanks for reading! 😉

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