The 60 Peso Product That I Use To Relieve Dry Skin

The 60 Peso Product That I Use To Relieve Dry Skin

Don’t you hate it when your skin is just so uncooperative with the weather? Whether it’s summer or rainy season our skin is prone to dry skin.

My Dry Skin Case

Especially for my case I have eczema. It’s a long time insecurity of mine to be honest. I get it on my arms, legs, on my abdomen. I just have to accept the fact that it’s here to stay. They just come and go. Very unpredictable.

The struggle that I’m having right now is that I suddenly had it on my eyelids and eye bags. It is just so dry, scaly, red and sensitive. (*crying RN*)

Take note it gets triggered with sun exposure, air pollution, dehydration, frequent changes in temperature, and the usual… stress. I get patches of dry skin on my body too. Not totally eczema but it gets triggered with those factors.

 What A Relief

One of my go-to products to relieve the scaly, dryness, and itchiness is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. You can get them at any drug store or grocery store. It comes in different varieties nowadays but I highly recommend get the plain one. Less chemical — the better.

The 60 Peso Product That I Use To Relieve Dry Skin - By NadineAmanduh

This is now included in my night-time routine. After I wash, tone and moisturize with Hello! Naturals Skin Care, I top it off with petroleum jelly around my eyes. I pop an anti histamine and I’m ready for a good night itch-free sleep.


Where and How Else I Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Eczema on the face is such a bummer. The more I put makeup on to cover it up, the more it get’s dry. The secret is, Just put on your regular foundation and concealer (but if your skin starts burning,’ STOP). then do the rest of your makeup and don’t powder the area with eczema. You still can but very light dab only but I guarantee you that it will still be so dry. What I do throughout the day is retouch the affected area with concealer and pat it with a thin layer of petroleum. You’re done. 💋

Have you experienced that your lipstick wears off (but it’s still there) after eating? If you are wearing matte lipstick this works best. Just swipe and blend petroleum jelly on your lips. It instantly spreads the color on your lips and it’s a lot smoother. Give it a try 😉

I also like putting petroleum jelly on top of my toes and at the back portion of my ankle. This works best if your shoes is fairly new so it would slip easily when you wear it.

More about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

As per Deborah Weatherspoon, PhD, RN, CRNA, COI (discussing if vaseline is different from regular petroleum jelly)  Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. “Theoretically, there is no difference between the name brand and generic brands. However, Unilever, the company that makes Vaseline, claims that they only use the highest quality ingredients and a special purification and filtration process. There may be small variations in consistency, smoothness, or even fragrance with Vaseline and generic brands. However, there does not appear to be a difference in safety between products. The best advice is to read the label. It should be simply 100 percent petroleum jelly.”

Having that said, Ergo, Vaseline is the best ad original brand for petroleum jelly. 🙂

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