10 Things To Cut Down For A Better You - By NadineAmanduh

Ten Things To Cut Down For A Better You

What I wanted to discuss today is more on improving yourself not by adding stuff to your routine or buying stuff for yourself, but to cut down some of your habits. It may not that be a really big help in an instant but it eventually develops a better you. We may be used to doing things little by little that may harm our health or well-being, and cutting those things may help a little. A little thing piles up with other little things, then it goes a long way.

10 Things To Cut Down For A Better You - By NadineAmanduh

So what am I really talking about? Read away to know those little things.


1. Cut down your time browsing through social media

Social media is good to be in-the-know and keeping in touch with what’s going on with your friends and the latest trends. But is this what you normally do during your break times at work and at home? It’s not that healthy. Do you see yourself always looking at someones profile? People get preoccupied by social media apps, and it may lead to all sorts of complications like distracted at work or while driving, or lack of gaining someone’s full attention during a conversation. Excessive browsing through social media can also lead to procrastination habits which sometimes results to avoiding certain duties or responsibilities.

2. Lessen your caffeine/soda/juice intake

Of course it is hard to suddenly remove drinks such as coffee, sodas and juice all of a sudden. But try to allocate 1-3 days in a week of drinking water only. Studies show that drinking lots of water strengthens the heart, boosts immunity, and enhances your metabolism too. (click here to read more)

3. Minimize your daily routineTen Things To Cut Down For A Better You

Try to figure out what part of your routine that’s taking you too long. Then perhaps you can cut down a few minutes of your time. As for me, doing my makeup eats most of my morning routine. What I do is I don’t normally apply the basics like bb cream, powder and do my eye brows. The rest of it I’ll just do in the office or while on my way to the office. PS Don’t do your makeup while commuting.

4. Cut down your midnight snack

Sometimes we really get hungry in the middle of the night and tend to snack on sweets or junk foods. Which is a big no-no. I’m not saying you should go hungry. But cut down the unhealthy snacks instead. The more its late in the evening, the more our metabolism slows down. That is why its better to eat heavy meals during the day. So eat light instead like cereal and milk, hard-boiled egg on thin bread, fruits, nuts, yogurt, and cheese. (Click here to read more about Nutritionist-Approved Late Night Snacks)

10 Things To Cut Down For A Better You - By NadineAmanduh

5. Don’t overwork

Perhaps if you have a day 8-9 hour day job. It’s better to stick to that. Rendering excess time at work doesn’t guarantee the quality of work that you’ve done for the day. What I do is I have a list of tasks for the day and upcoming tasks for the week.  I highlight those of that I have already accomplished and highlight (in grey) those tasks that I can do the next day.

6. Remove recurring expenses

All of us have recurring expenses during or after pay-day. Like our monetary share at home, phone bills, insurance which also comes along with (for us girls) an appointment to your facial care center or salon. Expenses like your monetary share, phone bill and insurance are major priorities. The recurring expenses that you (us girls) need to remove are our vanity stuff. If you have your monthly facials or mani pedi, try cutting it down to making it every 3-6 months. These stuff are pure luxury and something that you can do at home. You’re not totally removing it, but you’re just trying to lessen it. Try at home facial skin care like Michelle Phan’s (click here) or mani pedi at home (click here)

7. Lessen your regular date nights

It could be regular date nights with your partner or girlfriends. You can have a total chill time at home. Agree with a movie to watch and what food to cook. Just do Netflix and Chill stuff. This will save  you time, money, and effort and its a lot easier to talk to your partner or girlfriends for a quick catch up.

8.Cut down or totally remove junk food from your diet

It is one of the hardest things to do. Junk food has been there for ages and they have varieties of flavors that you can’t resist. But there’s just a lot of sodium in it. Try opting for crackers instead and top it with cheese or your favorite spread. There are ranges of spreads that you can make at home for your crackers.

9. Eradicate people that you follow on social media that you barely even know

Sometimes we tend to accept friend requests on Facebook or other social networking of people we barely even know. Some of those people floods our dashboard with non-sense. I’m not being harsh here but its true. If you’re going to scroll your social media dashboard I’m pretty sure that you don’t like most of what  you see. I suggest removing those people whom you don’t know. You’re also allowing these people gain access to your family, friends and social network.

10. Remove toxic people in your life

Number 9 was something digital while number 10 is a life game changer. Toxic people bring no benefit in your life and sometimes brings you down. So how do you do that? Try categorizing the people in your life. Family, Close friends, Work friends and so on. In every person in your category try to ask yourself, Have I talked to this person in the past 2 years? Did I have a meaningful conversation with this person? Has this person do any harm to my family or close friends? Then assess if this person needs to stay in your life. If not, cut any connections with them. Very simple. You don’t have to feel guilty about cutting your connection with them because you’re able to validate to yourself that they are toxic. Not unless you don’t trust your judgment.

That’s all for today. I wanted to know what you think about this article. Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Thanks for reading! 😉

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