Team Awesome Family Day Experience at Manila Ocean Park

It was a fun-filled day on today’s Team Awesome Family Day held at Manila Ocean Park. This is an event organized by the company I work with for the employees &their family members. Its a great way to bring your family at this kind of event to spend more time with them & to explore the awesome Manila Ocean Park. This is a chance to show your family that you are part of something bigger.

Team Awesome Family Day.

I will not go through every detail about the whole event & the specifics of attraction. This blog post is just a quick walk through. The blogger in me was really enthused to document the whole family day experience. I had to admit that I had difficulty in managing & swerving through the crowd. Just want to share our short experience. I came with my dad & my daughter & arrived at the venue before 7:00 AM.

Family Day - Mischca





That’s my daughter fueling up for the Team Awesome  Family Day. Below are a few of our snaps to start our day.

Sea Lion and Bird Show

We started with the Sea Lion Show + Bird Show. I’ve put the video clips in my Instagram story and I just saved a few videos for the blog. Videos and photos of me & Mischca are below for the Sea Lion Show.

(Please click the links to play the videos)
Below are videos of the Bird show just right after the Sea Lion Show. Most of the birds are Parrots. There are parrots who can shoot hoops on a stick, can do math (yeah seriously!), and these birds really follow their trainer. I was amazed with the Monkey-Eating Eagle. The way it flies it’s just flawless (watch it on the video below). Plus, there’s this group of homing pigeons who do this rotating routine and I just notice there’s this one who’s not able to follow lol it’s funny. Perhaps it didn’t attend their bird show practice, whatever. 😀

Ray Fish and Shark Dry Encounter

We quickly visited the Ray Fish and Nurse Shark. Where we get to touch the Ray Fish. I’m not really keen in touching it coz it felt really slimy which is the exact opposite of what Mischca is feeling. Mischca enjoyed patting the Ray Fish to the extent that the crew or trainer there had to stop all the patting as the Ray Fish might get upset haha!

Our Breakfast turned Lunch!

We decided to have brunch after visiting 2 attractions. We had to sign up and wait on the line for us to be called at North Park. Its a good Chinese restaurant at Manila Ocean Park. Perfect plus my dad & daughter love the food here. It’s just right in front of the stage for us to watch the program and wait for my name to be called for the raffle. Too bad I wasn’t called. Lunch snapchat below.

Below are photos and screenshots from my Instagram story of the Oceanarium Tour. This is my daughter’s favorite I can tell.

More of Mischca

Mischca and I with the Leungs.

This too is part of the attractions at Manila Ocean Park too 😉

We were not able to visit all of the attractions. What’s important is that the the kids really enjoyed it. The Manila Ocean Park was jam-packed and we had to leave around 1:00 PM. Kudos to the organizers of our company. The Family Day was indeed a success!

What do you think of this quick walk through? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉




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