How to make your own choker

Chokers may be outdated this 2017. But honestly I still love them. This choker trend started during the 90s era. Though I sported this choker thing back in the early 2000s but not the thick ones that’s trending from last year like the ones you see from Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

I started to wear this trend wayback early 2016 but I never EVER bought one. I made one for myself instead.
As you can see on the photos below. That’s the very first choker that I made.

And on today’s blog I’ll show you how I made my very first choker. 🙂

All you need is a ribbon (I personally prefer at least an inch thick), a roll of thread (preferably the same color of your ribbon), a needle, and a metal hook and eye.
1. First, is you measure your ribbon around your neck and leave at least an 2 inches allowance then mark it and cut it slightly diagonally so the ribbon won’t go “feathery” and loose its texture at the ends.

(photo from google)
2. Next is to prepare your thread and needle. Ideally the length of the thread is 20 inches but what I do is I measure it vertically around my arm. From my fingers holding the thread down to my elbow then back to my fingers holding the thread. (This shouldn’t be hard)

  1. Using your ribbon, ensure that what’s on the top is the ones you prefer to be in front then fold a few centimeters inward and start stitching the metal hook. Same fold on the other end of the ribbon where you need to stitch the metal eye.
    (I am using the larger hook & eye. I prefer this if your ribbon is thick)
  2. Finally the finished product! I made 3 chokers just earlier today and here they are.

Few tips on wearing your chokers. You can also pair it with a necklace of your choice and it looks edgy when you’re wearing a tube top, a v-neck, a low round neck, an off-shoulder or any clothing that exposes your clavicle or shoulders.

That’s it for today’s blog. Thanks again for reading! 😉

Selling my Kikki-K Lilac Planner

Selling my Pre-Owned Kikki-K Lilac Leather Planner from Australia. Made from lustrous leather with gorgeous gold hardware and stud closure. Originally bought (last 2015) at AU$79.95. I’m selling it for only Php 2,000.00. Included freebies such as stickers and washi tapes! Very useful for those planner addicts out there:)

• Planner: 240mm L x 200mm W x 40mm H (Maximum height of paper that can be inserted) / 9.85″ x 7.87″ x 1.57″
• Ring Diameter: 28mm / 1.1″
• Spacing: 15mm between each ring and 65mm middle gap | 0.59″ / 2.56″
• Paper (A5 paper 30 sheets each tab): 210mm L x 145mm W / 8.27″ x 5.71″
• ‘To-Do’ Notepad, ‘Meeting Notes’ Pad 95mm L x 95mm W / 3.7″ x 3.7″
• ‘Notes’ Pad m: 150mm W x 200m

Included Components:
• Elastic pen loop
• 6 ring binder
• 2 internal slots/pockets
• 1 large pocket
• To Do List Sheets + Tab
• Meeting Notes Sheets + Tab
• 2 Sticker Sheets
• A5 Slot at the back + extra note pad

I honestly honestly love this planner but I just have to let it go since I’m not using it any longer. I’ve been addicted to planners since highschool. I collect planners, stationery, colored pens and stickers and do the scrapbooking thing on my planners. I used to put “neo prints” on ’em (for those who don’t know what a neo print is. Those are photos printed on small stickers). Now I’ve been very busy a lot and I think the doodling and scrapbooking thing on my planner is taking so much of my time. Though I admit it’s really a fun thing to do. But I gotta admit that phase in my life has ended but my creative soul is still within me. Perhaps I can still do some lettering or calligraphy, sketching and painting. Daaaamn! I miss doing those stuff! But anyway, to the future owner of this planner. I hope you take good care of it as much as I did and try to personalize it a but. There are lotsa stuff in YouTube that you can do with that planner. Plus the material is just awesome!

Here’s a photo below of the original ad from Kikki-K’s website

I would love to read your ideas and you can leave that on the comments section below this blog. Thanks again for reading! 😉

App of the week: MakeUp Plus

First thing’s first. Thanks to Makeup Plus ph for posting this on Instagram.

"Dare to be fabulous" #MakeupPlusLFW #MakeupPlus

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Can’t seem to get enough of using the app as you can see below. I’ve edited another photo ü (that’s me killin it)

imageBesides that it has its pre-made look (as seen below)image

You can actually fully customize your look. From foundation, to lipsticks with more than 10 shades with different kinds to choose from like satin, matte or glossy (I personally love matte ü). There’s several blush shades to choose from and many styles on where you want the blush located on your face.


And ladies! You can also choose different types of contour (plus strobing. You read that right). Don’t forget your eye brows too! It has several selections of shapes and 3 colors for your eye brows: black, dark brown and light brown. And also a palette of eye shadows too choose from (amazing!ü)


This Makeup Plus app will totally give a you a brand new look that actually highlights all your facial features. The app also allows you to change your eye color (I usually use Hazel, Honey, and Grey. I really think it brightens my eyes and compliments with my skin tone). The app also has varieties of eye lashes too choose from!ü My choice of eye lashes are always the ones that has a lower lash lines coz I’m always into brightening up my eyes. This feature I’m not actually expecting which is the eye lid option. Yep! The app is concerned with all kinds of eye lids especially the ones with no eye lids (great job!). I still use this feature even if I have slightly meaty eye lids. It enhances it and I love it!


And lastly they have decorations for the face if you still think you need to add some stuff on the face. I like how the maker of this app thought of putting the freckles on it. But I personally love the boho thingy there. Ü

Girls! This is just very easy to use. Once you upload your photo, the makeup plus app will automatically select the focal points on your face and then tap and swipe away. You can experiment with whatever look that you prefer. You can even get makeup inspirations from the looks that you’ve tried on the app and apply it to yourself!ü

I hope you guys are excited as I am experimenting your looks on this Makeup Plus app! Thanks so much for reading!😘


How to get Insta GORGEOUS with the new MakeUp Plus app

Hi guys! On today’s blog I want to introduce this new app that I discovered in Nuffnang (it’s a blogger community) it’s a make up app called MakeUp Plus. Here’s a sample photo of what the app does.
I’m not really into filter/decorating apps but I really love this MakeUp Plus coz it doesn’t look too fake (if you know what I mean)

You can select a pre-made look or personalize your look starting from foundation, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, eye brows and even contour!

You can download MakeUp Plus app on Google Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iOS users.

By the way! You may want to join MakeUp Plus contest. To know more click here
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#MakeUpPlusLFW @makeupplus_ph

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What’s up Wednesday

Today’s featured look

I used 2 shades from my new fave LA Girl nude eye shadow palette, a very thin winged eyeliner, for my brows I used brown eye liner and brushed it with an almost-running-out brown mascara and I swear it really does the trick for nicely brushed brows compare if you’re going to use a regular mascara it’ll leave your eye brows clumpy and bushy-wet-looking (you don’t want that). And for my lashes, as always; Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum’ express mascara (my favorite one next to Magnum). For my face powder I used NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation in Nude Diaphane. 

I really want to show you guys how I do my make up especially the eye makeup. It’s where I really take so much time. BUT my phone memory is really preventing me from doing that. I really like doing everything (almost) on my phone. I’m using an iPhone 6, a wordpress app for blogging and the iMovie app for video editing. It’s really convenient. HOWEVER, it’s storage is really terrible and the quality of the video is just slightly above average. So the blogging/vlogging materials are currently in the works. For the meanwhile I’ll do a lot of blogging rather than vlogging. Don’t forget to check the Stay connected section on the side bar. Thanks guys for reading! 😉

Cosmo Beauty Block 2016

Hi guys! First of all I’m so honored to have been invited by Cosmopolitan Philippines to their BEST  Beauty Event Ever! Which will happen on August 27, 2016 at SM Megamall.

This  event is perfect for all the ladies out there who are obsessed with beauty (just  like me) and needs some pampering time (again, just like me). I am expecting a lot of freebies especially makeup and skin care that I can use and blog about since I am just a budding blogger. Also, I’m definitely looking forward to meet people from the Cosmo Beauty Council like Pat Dy who is a Magazine and Editorial Photographer, Archie Tolentino who is a Lead MakeUp Artist for NARS Cosmetics, Denise Aquino- Posadas; Tokyo Posh business owner, and Jeline Catt who is a Social Media Influencer.

SOOO,  I really am excited to interact with these amazing people and learn a lot from them. Since there’s a photographer maybe I can score on looking great in photos (#SELFIELORD), there’s a makeup expert that I would like to ask tips about makeup and perhaps how I can breakthrough in the industry of makeup artistry plus consult some skin care advice (coz I’m all about good skin and flawless make up <3), there’s a beauty business owner and I’m thinking if I can really get something out of this blogging thing I can put up my own beauty business (my own makeup line sounds nice), and there’s a social media influencer who focuses on beauty vlogging (Yep! I need help on that one too)

I’ll see you guys there! Let’s stay connected! 🙂 You can leave your comments here or keep in touch through my social media links found on the upper right hand side of my blog. 😉

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Hi guys! Finally! After struggling how to migrate my wordpress blog in my own domain hosted site I came to the realization that it’s not gonna happen due to wordpress restrictions and I have to start allover again. I have copied my blogs here and managed to insert a blogger community ad! Yey! My wordpress blog is still viewable for remembrance purposes I guess and pretty much this site is the legit one which means I’ll be updating this blog rather than my wordpress. Cheers! 😉

Stay connected. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat with user name
NadineAmanDUH 😉



What’s up everyone?! As promised on the previous vlog that I made about Forever 21 lippies, I’ll be posting a more detailed blog review about it. FACT: Forever 21 is well-known for their clothing apparel and not for their cosmetics (and there’s no need to establish that I guess).

FYI to all readers, the Forever 21 lippies that I bought here in the Philippines are actually made from our neighboring countries like in China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
SO, the first that I tried on the vlog was the  LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy. I highly suggest that if you’re going to wear liquid lipstick on you must double the duty by applying a lip liner first. This will accentuate the lip color and it’s easier for you to swipe since you have a guide to trace your liquid lipstick especially if you’re not really used to liquid ones.
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy) This lip gloss stain is very easy to swipe. It feels a bit sticky, like honey on your lips but it actually looks really good as long as you don’t overdo it. I prefer swiping it on my inner lips only and have the lip liner do the rest. I really love how it looks on my lips, it’s not too cherry-red-shiny. I DO recommend it if you have night outs with the girls. I do not recommend it if you have a lot of eating and drinking to do the whole day (for example at work) it stains almost everything and you have repetitive touch ups to do the whole day.
2nd that I tried on the vlog is the LOVE & BEAUTY Matte Crème Lip Color in Pink Rose. Like what I mentioned on the video, I’m not really into bright pink shades. By the way on this vlog I remove my lipstick using a paper towel with a drop of baby oil (very convenient!) to be sure that there are no left over stains of the other lipstick that I tries and at the same time it’s moisturized (mwah!)
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Matte Crème Lip Color in Pink Rose) I personally call it “Nicki Pink” because it’s Nicki Minaj who first came across my mind when it comes to bright or neon pink lippies. This one is actually matte in finish but feels creamy. I recommend it for day time use but if you want to wear it at night, I suggest you darken your eye shadow or pair it with a thick winged eye liner. I DO NOT recommend it if you think your teeth is slightly yellowish and you’re going out on a date (yeah honestly).
Next is the LOVE & BEAUTY Lips Amour in Brillant À Lèvres. Same drill, I applied a red lip liner prior to swiping this liquid lipstick on.
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Lips Amour in Brillant À Lèvres) I honestly think that this one has exactly the same shade with the Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy and they’re just in a very different packaging. Also, the texture is exactly the same. However, when I’m taking a closer look while making the vlog, I somehow noticed that this one has a very slight touch of pink. Having said. This exactly means I have the same recommendations like the LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy. 
Lastly, the LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss in Maple. This one appears to have micro-glitters when you look at it. It’s close to colorless gloss but with shimmer. On the vlog I applied it directly on my lips but I think it would look better if I have applied a lipstick as a first layer in colors such as nude pink, copper, beige or freckletone (specifically the Mac one).
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss in Maple) at first I think it will look very pale on me but good think it didn’t. I suggest that you put on blush that is peachy in color coz it looks more natural (perhaps depending on your skin tone). I recommend it on a day-time use and if you want to use it at night, I suggest for you to use bronzer slightly on the cheeks and use copper shade to darker shades on your eye shadow and swipe it with a liquid eyeliner. I DO NOT recommend wearing it alone with your foundation or pressed powder only because it will look to pale on you (whatever skin tone you have).
THANK YOU thank you so much guys for taking your time to read my blog and to those who watched my vlog. It’s still embedded here on my actual blog site. Please feel free to hit me up with your suggestions.😉