The Struggles Of A Working Mom

The Struggles Of A Working Mom

Being a working mom is extremely challenging. You’ll never know if you got what it takes to be a working mom. Along with the challenges are a lot of planning and support to manage your work, the household, kids, and being a partner. Remember the days when you could just chill with a nice cup of coffee while reading a good book or catching up on the daily news before getting ready for work? Do you recall  when you used to stay late then go out for drinks and appetizers with your friends? For most of us, those days are few and/or even dead and gone. However, as a working mom, we have this common experiences that bind us together. Makes each and every working mom relatable to each other.

The Struggles Of A Working Mom

Me as a working mom

As for a working mom like me, the biggest challenges that I face are those of: financial stuff, quality and quantity time with my daughter, and judgment from other people (especially if you’re a single parent). There are a lot of working moms out there that have the same issues as mine or sometimes different. Could be more difficult or less difficult that what I am experiencing. As a working mom, you may not overcome these struggles. I am not being negative here but just telling the truth. But the good thing is you may not overcome these working mom struggles but you can live with it. So here are some of the struggles.

A Working Mom Worries Almost About Everything

There are just a lot to worry especially if you wanted things your way. We worry about what our family will think of us when we miss too many school events for our kids. We worry that we’re not living up to the expectations for us from people at work. Another worry is if we cannot achieve the standards that we’ve personally set for ourselves as a career woman and being a mother at the same time.

Working Mom Struggles - By NadineAmanduh

And as for me I worry what my family (and relatives) think if I have less tile for my daughter because I have to go to work (the thing is they will always have something to say whether you work or not. So better work anyway). The worries are endless! And the truth here is, the worries are a waste of time and energy. So we have to STOP worrying of things we don’t have control of. We need to divert this energy in a more positive way. For example, instead of worrying about what your relatives think of you, trust that your whole-hearted commitment to your children or family will pay off far greater someday rather than staying at home and taking care of your children but cannot provide food and shelter.

Feeling Guilty After Rewarding Yourself

This, I’m not exactly sure if its applicable to all working moms out there. But I know some of us would spend to pamper ourselves. After that would feel guilty. coz the money could’ve been spent onto something better for your children.

The Struggles Of A Working Mom - By NadineAmanduh

This may be partially true. But you shouldn’t be guilty all the time  like for example you rewarded yourself with a good massage, a nice hair treatment from the salon, mani-pedi or gifted yourself with makeup or bath essentials. Set a timeline on when you should only splurge on yourself. Every once in awhile you deserve to pamper yourself. Because you are working not only for yourself but for your family as well.

We Blame Ourselves If We Can’t Provide Enough For Our Children

Not all of us working moms are blessed with a high-paying job. For moms who have jobs that pay from little to average, may need to hustle further. Like tightening their budget or getting side jobs in order to sustain the needs of the family. The more that we can’t completely provide, the more we feel guilty. Because we wanted the best for our children. and yet we cannot give it to them because we’re financially incapable to do so.

The Struggles Of A Working Mom

I’m going to be honest that I don’t have the very best advise for this. Because we are all in a different circumstances even though we’re all working moms. There are a lot of situations that will still differ us from each other. But my take on this is. if you are not content with what you can give to your children, then you must think of a long-term plan that will help you provide better for them. For some, they would go abroad for a better paying job. Another option is getting promoted in order for you to get a higher paying salary. Or getting an additional job. The truth of the matter is, none of these are easy that’s why you have to live with it and believe that all your hard work will eventually pay off.

To sum it all up.

Don’t worry about what people think about you and other stuff that are out of your control. Don’t feel guilty to pamper yourself coz you deserve it. Lastly, Don’t let your current job be the measure of what you can only give to your family. Time will come that things will get better. Plus, It was never wrong to be hardworking.

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