How To Stay Sane In Social Media - By NadineAmanduh

How To Stay Sane In Social Media

The rise of social media increased both its advantages & disadvantages. Advantages like, its easier to get in-the-know, more convenient to share your activities, and best thing is you can easily get in touch with your friends and family. Disadvantages, such as wrong information easily gets spread out, shaming or bashing someone, and people easily judge other people with their post or profile. As an individual how do you manage the commotion in social media?

How To Stay Sane In Social Media - By NadineAmanduh

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Never EVER rant on the internet.

You may have a bad day at work, experiencing financial problems, issues with the family, unsettled problems with friends, you got friendzoned and etc. Do not post your bitterness on the internet and spread the negative vibes. If you have a problem, discuss it with a friend privately. Never vent on social media. It wouldn’t help! You may get likes or shares about that negative post and it give you the wrong satisfaction. Remember: you may have a bad day, but its not a bad life. 😉

“Don’t mistake angry satisfaction for happiness” – Xandria Ooi

DO NOT Share stories from unconfirmed source.

Especially celebrity gossips. These people are ordinary humans too and we don’t know what is going on with their life for us to share such stories of their lives. We may encounter profound political articles too. But just before sharing the news ensure that its a trustworthy source. It’s like CNN Philippines vs Pambansang Chismis Online (only an example). So, who would you trust? Remember, it is very vital to know if the information is coming from a reliable resource. This stops spreading false information all over.
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Be MINDFUL of posting photos.

Not only your photos but also of others. Photos tell social media users a story. It is okay to share your selfies, get-together, and other experiences on social media. So long as it doesn’t have an offensive content. Another thing, don’t post pictures of other people’s children, homes, and other private matters without their permission. Respect other people’s privacy.
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Prevent yourself from commenting negative insights on other people’s post.

Some people cannot prevent ranting on the internet. We don’t want to give them the wrong satisfaction by posting belittling or demeaning remarks to show you are agreeing with what they posted. Don’t let these people drag you down by getting influenced with what they posted. Remember, stay sane in social media. 🙂
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Remove yourself from the situation.

You may encounter a person who is provoking you to have an argument. The best thing to do is take control of yourself and ignore. If this is a stranger, you can just totally block them on your social media account. If this is an person is an acquaintance, just ignore. Personally, what I would do is unfriend or hide their posts from my feed. However, what if this person is your friend? Again, take control and ignore what this friend posted in social media. If it affects you, confront your friend privately. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to say anything negative or anything that will make the fire bigger. It’s a new era, your conversation can be easily screenshot and shared on the internet. Be careful.
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Always be KIND.

This is my best personal advise. There are people who will be always rude, pessimistic, and hypocrite. Don’t be a cyberbully yourself. Once you read this statement on the blog, you may ask yourself, “what if being always kind is not my personality?” Practice makes perfect. If you don’t have anything good to say, then stay quiet. That’s already a good start of being kind. Don’t waste your energy in negative matters or negative people. 🙂
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