Smart And Simple Party Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

Smart and Simple Party Ideas

There are a lot of occasions to celebrate nowadays besides the usual ones like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings and etc. There are now additional special occasions. Like baby showers, bridal showers, & even as simple as getting promoted at work. We just simply wanted to celebrate! 🙂 To catch up with family and friends, hang out and just have a good time. In today’s blog I wanted to share some party ideas that you can easily do at home.

Smart and Simple Party Ideas
Smart And Simple Party Ideas - By NadineAmanduh
Party Ideas - setup

Mostly of the ideas that I’m going to share here are those you can easily do at home. Not advising to prepare too much food to overwhelm your guests. If you want to cook for your party I suggest sticking with one specialty only and perhaps you can order the rest. For example I wanted to cook my specialty Tuna and veggies pasta in white sauce. I can focus on that and I can just order 2 to 4 boxes of pizza (I personally prepare black pepper, hot sauce and chili flakes with the pizza). Or you can also ask one of your guests to bring a pie or a cake to the party.

I wanted to share few ideas for the drinks. I really wouldn’t want a to just provide an ordinary juice or soft drinks. If one of the guests like one. Perhaps the best that I can give them is a Sprite lol.

Colored Lemonade. I’m trying to eliminate the effort of preparing different flavored juices. I’m suggesting to use a drinking bottle, or a glass, or those trendy mason jars. It is best if you have a huge drink dispenser to easily fill the drinks. I personally wouldn’t recommend paper cups as it softens easily when the juice stayed there for quite a while. As shown on the photos below. Those are colored party lemonades. You just need a bit of food coloring since lemonade doesn’t have a strong color. Plus if the weather is not going to get any cooler (like here in the Philippines), You can put a teaspoon of peppermint extract on the main lemonade container and mix. If you like it more natural, add lemon slices and mint leaves for that cool relief.

Party Ideas - Colored Lemonade Party Ideas - Colored Lemonade Party Ideas - Colored Lemonade

You can also opt for colorful straws. If you feel extra creative, you can add lemon slices. Another idea is giving away the drinking or mason jar as a souvenir. Make it more personalized by putting a print out on what is the occasion about and the date. Punch a hole in it and use a string to tie it around the mason jar. Again, if you’re feeling creative, you can use a thin ribbon instead. You can also put whatever tiny decor you wish. Isn’t it cool? 🙂

Smart And Simple Party Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

Sweet Treats. A dine in party wouldn’t be complete without candies, cupcakes or chocolates. These are type of food that you can serve at the beginning of the party while the guests are still waiting for the main dish. Or even as a dessert. I just have a lot of ideas that I wanted to share but I’ll keep it less and simple (perhaps on another blog post). Candies such as gummy bears,sour worms, jelly beans, and even chocolates can be placed on a cupcake holder. You can present it on a tray or if you have a cup cake stand. Pretty! Another idea is you can put these party treats on small jars. Same idea with the colored lemonade but a really smaller version. It can serve as a souvenir from the party. Just put a tag or label on it.

Party Ideas - Candy jar Party Ideas - Cake pops

Another idea if you want to keep it classy. You can put the candies on a wine glass or martini glass. Just make sure its not too big. Then place these party treats on a tray. All good! 🙂 Before I end this sweet treats portion. I want to share a

Recipe hack for cake pops.

All you need are the following: • munchkins or small doughnuts (You can usually buy it a doughnut or coffee shop or at the grocery), • short drinking straws (not the looped ones), • candy sprinkles (preferably in different types), and a chocolate bar or chocolate chips (to melt). Prepare the munchkins on a clean tray or plate. Place 1 straw on each for it to look like a cake pop. Once all of these are set. Prepare your melted chocolate in a bowl. Dip the cake pop but not the whole lot. Tap the excess, Wait for a few seconds then dip it on the candy sprinkles. Voila! Instant cake pops for your party. You can have your cake pops prepared by poking the straws a Styrofoam board or on a tray (just put a paper towel or baking sheet on it).

Theme or setup. Even if you’re going to plan your party at home. Somehow you may want to stick to a theme. You can still keep it simple but you wanted to incorporate your personal touch to it. When your guests arrive, you want them to feel at home and give them a vibe that they are attending a party. My best suggestion is to stick to at least 2 to 3 colors. A very practical thing is to choose a focus point. And that is the table where you’re going to place your food and drinks. Best if the table is in front of a wall so you can put your party props on the wall. You can decor it with different paper crafts (Check out DIY party ideas here). TIP: A double adhesive tape is an essential. It’s great to use your ceiling too where you can stick balloons on it to make it seem its floating in the air. Though I am not suggesting this if you have a high ceiling.

Party Ideas - Theme

Party Ideas - Theme Party Ideas - Theme
You can actually have your colored lemonade match with your party theme. If its a pink themed party, go for a pink lemonade. You can match your candies or candy containers with your party theme too. Another part of the setup. Don’t forget utensils, plates and tissues too. For the utensils, you can go with your typical metal-ware or those hard-plastic spoon and forks. I personally would watch out for the quality of the plastic utensils to prevent it from breaking while eating. Ensure that tissues are readily available too.

Keeping it clean. It’s a party at home and as much as possible we want the environment to be clean. Going back to the basics. Don’t forget tidying up your place before you setup your decorations. This will give you a clearer view of the party environment because it’s organized. Next is making sure the availability of trash bins. I personally suggest to have a big trash bag/bin located in your kitchen. Don’t forget put an old newspaper or scratch papers inside the trash bag. This will prevent wet stuff from dripping off from the trash bag in case the trash bag has holes in it. Another thing you shouldn’t forget is making sure guests can easily wash their hands. You can have both hand soap and paper towel prepared in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


So those are some smart and simple party ideas for today. Do you have party ideas too? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉

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