How To Cook “Sinigang na Hipon” Thäi style

This is my first attempt to cook sinigang and I always put my own style in cooking. It is not a regular Filipino Sinigang. I have incorporated a slight Thai style to it by adding lemon grass, coconut milk, and mushroom. I’m extremely happy that this recipe turn out well! I’m totally not disappointed with my cooking coz it really turned out delicious.
If you’ll notice I’m not very particular about the measurement of each ingredient and deviated my recipe from the normal “sinigang”. (Video link here)

How To Cook “Sinigang na Hipon” Thäi style – My style

Started of cleaning the kitchen (of course). I ensured I have enough space to present the ingredients & for me to move. As seen on the video I have separated all of the ingredients on a container. I ensure trash bin is nearby. It’s easier for me to dispose unnecessary stuff before & while cooking.


– Shrimps
– Coconut cream/ “gata”
– sliced button Mushrooms
– Green Finger Chili sliced
– sliced Lemon Grass
– Fish sauce/ “patis”
– “Sukang iloco” (or you can try Apple Cider Vinegar)
– sliced Red Bell Pepper (try replacing with chili paste for extra spice)
– Brown Sugar
– Black pepper (to taste)

Prepping Time

For the shrimps I prefer it not de-boned but I cut the mustache (Sorry I don’t know the right term). I sliced the mushrooms, green finger chili, red bell pepper and separated them on a container. For the Lemon Grass I cut it into short pieces. Please take not that all these ingredients are washed with tap water. Nothing special really. For the coconut milk, I had to mix it with half cup of water. The reason I only used half cup is wanted to retain the taste of it.

Cooking Time

I started heating the pan first for 5 minutes. Pour the canola oil. Next is sauteing the shrimp. It is not necessary to put garlic or onion to saute the shrimp. The shrimp itself already has its own flavor to add up. I cover the pan every 5-10 minutes. Mix the shrimp thoroughly after removing the pan. Once the shrimp have nice orange color. time to crush the shrimp’s head. This adds up flavor.

I had to transfer the shrimp on a larger pot. It was just easier for me to saute the shrimp on a pan first. Pour 3 extra large cups of water. I suggest making it 6-7 if you are using a regular cup. On the video I sliced the red bell pepper + calamansi late… Make sure to slice all ingredients prior to cooking. Or if you have lemon, much better. Next is just to pour the rest of the ingredients onto the pot and continue stirring for the next 15 to 20 minutes. I think what made this recipe more tasty are these ingredients: vinegar that I used (sukang iloco), the coconut cream, red bell pepper and green chili fingers. Sinigang na Hipon Thai Style My style is served! 🙂


Sinigang Na Hipon Thai Style


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