Short Sunday Trip To Anilao Batangas - By NadineAmanduh

Short Sunday Trip To Anilao Batangas

The weather starting the weekend wasn’t quite very good due to a typhoon. But God was good to provide a sunny Sunday weather for our short trip to Anilao Batangas. Anilao is specifically in Mabini Batangas. It has become the target vacation spot of many locals and tourists because of the activities and great sceneries. But its most known for diving and snorkeling spots. Below is a short video of our trip (YouTube link here)

What’s in Anilao?

Anilao is overflowing with its oceanic life, which makes Anilao a well-known diving destination. Well, apart from diving, tourist can also do snorkeling (that’s the main activity of our day), island hopping, and hiking at Mount Gulugod Baboy. Anilao already have a number of beach and dive resorts established in the area which now attracts local and foreign tourists alike.

Short Sunday Trip To Anilao Batangas - By NadineAmanduh

Travel time

We left Fairview at about 3:30 AM and did a stop over at Jollibee in Libis to pick up my other relatives for the trip and off we go. They hired a navigator though I honestly think we could’ve made it by using Waze app. We arrived at around 7:00 AM in Mabini Batangas were there’s an unknown rest house where we stayed. The rest house is just in front of a rocky beach which I highly don’t recommend for swimming.

Short Sunday Trip To Anilao

We just had a quick breakfast in Mabini. We changed into our swimming gears and was picked up by a boat going to Anilao. It took us at around 35-35 minutes to arrive at the diving spot. I was confused why the boat did not park the by the shore. The boat driver said that it’s too rocky and we won’t be able to do snorkeling. We were provided life vests during the ride for safety and if you’re a non-swimmer and wish to swim and snorkel at the same time.

Short Sunday Trip To Anilao

Snorkel time

My daughter had a hard time swimming, she did not enjoy as much as she did in her previous trips like in Palawan, CDO and Batangas because the vest won’t fit her properly. I also had a hard time with the vest too. Though I know how to swim, I’m just a bit hesitant. I  don’t know maybe because if you’re pregnant you’re a bit cautious with little decisions and what you do because anything can harm the baby.

I was so amazed to see lots of fishes gather in our spot. My dad (Or whoever) throws biscuit crumbles and the fishes just feast on the biscuit crumbles.I had to borrow goggles. It was such a nice view to see. You don’t get that close  to Philippine marine life. There are fishes in different sizes and colors. But what stands out are the fishes in black and yellow stripes.

Short Sunday Trip To Anilao - Snorkeling Short Sunday Trip To Anilao

Quick tip

I also borrowed a snorkel gear from my cousin to enjoy the view a bit. TIP: Always identify the possible activities in the travel location that you are going to. This will allow you to prep necessary gears. Because of this trip I am now planning to have: A snorkel gear, aqua shoes (this is a necessity if you’re walking on a rocky beach or if the sand is really hot), a well-fitted life vest (specifically for my daughter ).

We went back to Mabini just after 2 hours. We’re supposed to have our lunch sonewhere called white beach but the boat has difficulty in parking I guess.

When’s the best time to Explore Anilao?

We were told by a local there that June to September is not a good time to explore Anilao. The best months to go there is between October and Mid May. These are the months wherein you can maximize the length of your stay and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and island hopping in the most famous islands like Sombrero Island, Masasa Beach and Sepoc Point.

View from Sombrero Island (photo from the internet. Image linked to url)
Sombrero Island (photo from the internet. Image linked to url)

I can’t believe I have missed such beauty! I am decided to go back in Anilao next year. And below is the photo of Masasa beach.

How serene and relaxing is the Masasa beach <3
Stunning Masasa beach

And lastly which is also a stunner, Sepoc Point.

So basically we missed these beautiful destinations and trip was cut short due to weather conditions. But it was a nice experience. Perhaps next time I will be sharing travel tips so you can ensure you can make out the most of your stay.

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