Quick Hack: Baby Soft Skin ASAP

Quick Hack: Baby Soft Skin ASAP

Sharing this very short post among all of my post. Something very quick and easy. PLUS Proven and tested! This is a quick hack to get baby soft skin!

What’s the norm on soft skin?

Normally, beauty experts or articles in the internet will tell you that in order for you to get soft skin is to exfoliate weekly because exfoliation makes your skin softer by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Which I have to admit is true. IT’ IS good to exfoliate once a week.

But what’s the quick hack to baby soft skin?

Well, a hot shower will soften and relax your skin. But of course not all the time and not all house holds have hot shower. The fastest way to get baby soft skin is to lather thick body oil post shower. Yep! The hot shower or bath makes your skin very permeable, and when you spread over oil to wet skin. The oil will penetrate deep down into your skin. PLUS, it will lock in all the moisture of the water too. And I promise it won’t leave your skin greasy at all.

Also, make sure your skin is not too wet, but very damp. This is key to locking in the moisture on your skin. But what if you’re really not that type of human being who likes putting on oil? Yes you can use your regular body lotion or body butter but not on your very damp skin. Because your lotion already contains water, you’ll just end up extra wet and it will take time for moisture to be absorbed. Imagine wiping a wet table with a wet towel, the wetness on the table wouldn’t be completely absorbed by the wet towel because it’s already holding water in it. Get it? Good 🙂


What Oils can you use?

There are actually a lot! As for me I still use Johnson’s Baby Oil for my body. Which does wonders in removing my make up too. I remember mentioning it on my previous blog post: A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care.

A Tipid Girl’s Guide to Facial Care

There are a lot of good body oils out there. Argan Oil is now a popular oil for Face, Body , and Hair because it’s rich in vitamin E and fatty acid content that boosts skin moisture. Another one is Olive Oil which has vitamin E too and has added anti oxidants like polyphenols and phytosterols. Also there’s Grape seed oil which is said to be twice beneficial than Olive oil because of its anti oxidant properties plus linoleic acid which unclog pores, WOW! If you have acne prone skin, Almond oil works best too. Because it extricates debris from deep within pores and follicles, and its Vitamin A component fights acne. Cool!



My extra tip for super soft skin…

I personally do this technique every other day. Like 4 out of 7 days in a week post shower. Please take note that you should be able to moisturize 2-3 minutes after shower. and not towel drying your skin too much after shower. This is also what my daughter’s pediatrician advised me because she has a dry skin. What I do is I  mix my body lotion and baby oil or body oil  then apply it on my slightly damp skin.

It actually does the trick in locking in more moisture. I also let the lathered lotion and oil mixture do its absorption for at least 3-5 minutes. Meaning, don’t get dressed up right away after moisturizing. 🙂

THAT is it! The best way to get baby soft skin asap! and the best way to use oil for your body. Try this technique and let me know if you love it by leaving your comments below. You can also reach me here if you want to collaborate with me. Thanks for reading! 😉

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