How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage)

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage)

Hi everyone! On today’s blog post I’m sharing how to lighten your dark hair —- without damage. Yep! It’s the first month of a brand new year and a lot of us wanted something new like making changes to your appearance. And  hair change is no doubt what comes first in almost everyone’s mind.

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage)

But there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to hair coloring. Of course, one of the most common con is hair damage.

Being asian I have naturally black hair. I used to color my hair lighter before but have grown it out for several years.

I have documented on how I went from dark hair to my new color “Lightest Golden Blonde”. Disclaimer: I didn’t go bleach blonde. But that’s the name of the shade. SO be it.

How did I lighten my hair?

I am no expert and I tried 2 boxes of L’oreal hair color creme in the shade #36. Sorry I forgot the exact name of the shade. I did all the instructions on the box. From putting hair serum, mixing the developer and hair dye. To rinsing and conditioning my hair. AND the result…

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage) - By NadineAmanduh

Close to nothing. It just gave it a shade of brown when light hits my hair. It lightened my hair… BUT only 2% of my hair. Really disappointing.

What did I do wrong?

I decided to hire a hair colorist. Special thanks to my dad he found one near where we live. I chose this Lightest Golden Blonde on the hair color chart.

I am not going to go through the step by step process but I’ll provide tips from my hair colorist. Which totally helped to lighten my hair.


• It is best to have your hair shampooed (no conditioner) first before hair coloring. According to her, the hair cuticle is more open after shampoo and the hair color will bind more to your hair.

• If you’re coloring at home, always start from the bottom section of your hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes. Why? It’s the bottom part that doesn’t absorb much heat that’s why it won’t lighten or absorb the hair dye.

• Color the top portion of your LAST. Because the top portion of your hair easily absorbs heat. That’s why you’ll notice it lightens easily when you dye your hair.

So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong. AND here’s the result.

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage) - By NadineAmanduh

But wait…

This is just the first session. Or should I count it 2nd since I initially colored my hair.

We are preventing damage here. To be honest yes your hair gets damaged every time we color it. It doesn’t matter if you lighten or darken it. It’s those chemicals that penetrates your hair.

Achieving a lighter hair color

After my first hair color session with my colorist. I was advised just to use conditioner the next day.

By the way just to share, I had hair fall problems. So I rarely shampoo my hair (which is advisable), not unless it gets sweaty, or I went out on a daily basis. Then I shampoo my hair.

I use conditioner more often than shampoo. And I’m using this same technique in taking care of my post-colored hair.

So I went for a second session of hair coloring after 2 weeks. And this is now what I have.

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage) - By NadineAmanduh

By the way, since I wanted a change/ fresh start for the year. I decided to cut my hair too. 🙂

How To Properly Lighten Dark Hair (Without Damage) - By NadineAmanduh

I really liked the result of my new hair color. Though I noticed that my hair went a little dry compare when I had my first session with my hair colorist  but that’s normal. I just have to take care of it by using shampoo less and more conditioner.

Just to share that the pro of hair coloring in sessions prevents extreme damage rather than going to the salon in just one session and having it bleached and colored several times. If you’re not in a hurry to lighten your hair, I suggest do these steps that I shared on today’s blog.

I hope you liked this post. Feel free to share this in your social media accounts. Let me know what you think of this post by leaving your comments below. You can reach me here, if you want to collaborate. Wishing you an awesome start of the year! Thanks for reading! 😉


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