What Do ProBloggers Do After Publishing A Blog Post - By NadineAmanduh

What Do Pro Bloggers Do After They Publish A Blog Post

Hi! Before I head onto what pro bloggers do after publishing a  blog post. I just want to make things clear that if you are blogging, a great content really counts. A high-quality content is more visible to search engines.

What Do Pro Bloggers Do After Publishing A Blog Post - By NadineAmanduh

Promoting your blog is key to getting readers. You don’t want to post something then no one’s going to read it right? You will hear the usual, promote in social media and etc. But at this point we need to be extra smart in promoting. Like recently I learned that hashtags is a no no for Pinterest. Because it is not a social media platform. It’s more of a search engine compare to Instagram where you can hashtag all you like.

So what do pro-bloggers do after they publish a post? Read away!

Make Your Blog Post SEO and Pinterest Friendly

Ensure that the most important keywords in your blog URL, and words are separated by hyphens

For example: http://nadineamanduh.com/blog-post-ideas-beauty-lifestyle-blog/ – works great for Search engines compare to http://nadineamanduh.com/omg123wth. Get it? Good.

Ensure that your images have keyword rich Alt tags (or Image Attributes) and descriptions on them

I learned recently that if somebody pins an image from your blog, Pinterest will use what is written in your “Alt” field as the default pin description. Yep! I usually use the title of the blog then put “- By NadineAmanduh” on it.

Select a post title that uses keywords and short phrases

You can use keyword tools or plugins such as headline analyzer. Or try to analyze how would you usually search on Google for  a certain topic.

Make A Specific Content For Each Social Media Platform

It may sound a lot of work but with so much complexity of information on social media platforms, you might feel the necessity to be everywhere all the time and your blog post (especially images) must be viewable. Like for Pinterest, preferably the images are on vertical while Instagram are more on filling in a square space. Apps like PicsArt and Canva (I swear by these apps they work good) can help you with the proper sizing of your images.

I also suggest not to make your images too complicated for your readers out there that they might end up not even opening your blog post. Also if you have a blog theme, try to stick to that too. Try to research what is the best image sizes for posts and what color palettes or combinations that drive more audience.


Establish numerous posts with different messages

Assortment will keep people viewing. For example, this blog post about dry brushing. On the left is the original title while the one on the right is one of the headings on the post. Get it?

Ultimate Guide To DryBrushing - By NadineAmanduhThe Benefits Of DryBrushing - By NadineAmanduh

Try to review your post (even the old ones) and see how you can create different messages along with images based on that same post. See if you can get tag lines or quotes from your post. Ask a pertinent question. Or even offer a challenge. If you find it difficult to handle (I know those ideas are running through your mind right now), try writing them down. It will help. 🙂

Engage with Social Media Audience

A few tweaks you can do on social media. Try to be active BEFORE & AFTER you post to increase engagement. Like for example on twitter, post your new blog post link immediately. You can also retweet and reply to other users too. On Instagram, most bloggers like several photos by a user, and then leave a comment for them. This is a nice way to engage and increase your followers too. On Pinterest, I suggest having a specific boards on different topics on your blog and make sure you put descriptions on each pins. You can try pin schedulers such as Tailwind and BoardBooster. I am using both of these right now.

What Do Pro Bloggers Do After Publishing A Blog Post - By NadineAmanduh

Trade In Irresistible Freebies or Content For Your Audiences Email  Address

Because why not? You wanted to keep you audience loyal to you. And why would anyone sign up if they cannot get anything for free? Content upgrades like an e-book is another extra for your blog and is VERY helpful that you can offer to your audience. The goal is to have them opt in!

The form acts as an introduction that triggers the delivery of their freebie to people opts in. The impression is that you MUST trade valuable content in exchange for them to sign up. Then, you take these audience into your email marketing and work on helping them and eventually become your customers. (THIS! I still need to work on)

Most content are PDF guides, short eBooks and other tools that may help your audience. As for me I’m currently providing these planner printables and hopefully I can move on with those PDF guides and e-books. You don’t really have to be an expert in doing this. You can use those photo editing apps, Microsoft word and go online to convert your file into PDF. It takes motivation and of course research. I am pretty sure you can create something very nice and simple.

Who knows?  In the future you may attract potential clients and showcase your ability as a blogger. Like providing guides and hosting webinars and stuff.

Do A Blog Check

You have to analyze what’s working and what’s not? So you would know if your blog is growing. It is important not staying stagnant if you have a goal. But I am not saying that you should and take your stats way too seriously. Just start of by checking your page views. What’s the most popular, what’s not? Are your images click worthy? Is there any progress with your blog income report like in Adsense? But don’t be discourage if there’s little progress. It’s still progress. 🙂 Not all pro-bloggers became successful overnight (I still keep on telling that to myself).
How To Get started?
• Track your monthly pageviews
• Take note of your most popular blog post
• Start tracking down your monthly (or weekly) social media followers

Keep an eye for any old content that performs well. You can use this to write a content upgrade like a guide or e-book. Who knows? you could provide an online course or host a webinar about it.

Remember that you don’t really have to take on everything all at once. You may realize that it’s a lot of work but then again like what I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to be stagnant if you have a goal. I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know if I missed anything. Leave your comments below or contact me here, and let me know what else would you like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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