Pride Month: Celebrating It At Work - By NadineAmanduh

Pride Month: Celebrating It At Work

Pride month is about to end but for me we should always celebrate gender equality across the world. I so love my LGBTQ friends and I’m so happy for all of them that they have a dedicated month for awareness and celebration just for them.

Ways to celebrate Pride Month

Invite Your Co-Workers Out For Pride Festivities

Highlighting that it’s important to remain professional —I’m just so happy that our company is just so chill with all the LGBTQ peeps and take importance on celebrating this event in all of our sites. Employees take pride of preparing for events like this. Which involved parades, screenings, and more.


Share Your Own Experiences

You might be surprised how quickly people adapt when you treat your own LGBTQ experiences the same way as your heterosexual colleagues do — but of course, still be professional and not going out of your way to hide your dating life and have respect to other LGBTQ peeps if they’re not really ready to open up. #Respect

Organize An LGBTQ Roundtable

A lot of LGBTQ organizations offer training seminars. This is to increase workplace sensitivity. It doesn’t have to be a formal discussion and festive. It’s a matter of gathering of people who wanted to be involved and spread awareness in your workplace. If ever your employer hasn’t held one ever since, you may want to ask help from your company HR on how can you have these kind of seminars.

Wear LGBTQ Pride Apparel

Notionally, when people say “LGBTQ Pride apparel” it automatically means wearing rainbow jewelry or clothing up to face painted like a rainbow. But then again, we have to be professional in a workplace that implements dress codes. I’m happy to be in a work place who recognizes gender equality and events like these. On this day, parades in our different sites are happening and as far as I know, employees are allowed to be in their costumes (with minimal restrictions I think). But if you want to get into the celebration with a subtle touch of LGBTQ pride month, you can go with rainbow earrings, gay pride socks, and so on.

People are celebrating Pride Month across the world. And I just want to share some cool items that I have found that you can keep as mementos for this amazing awareness and world-changing event.

Check out these LGBTQ items that I found!

Cop Lady Gaga’s Rainbow suspenders during Pride Month Parade 2018. Scroll below to shop 😉


OMG. I love unicorns!

Pride month or not, you can still wear these cute items 😉

I may not be part of the LGBTQ Community but I’m proud to say I’m an advocate and respect and support their culture. Wishing my LGBTQ friends out there a HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Celebrate it all LIFE LONG! ❤


Let me know what you think of this post, and you can also reach me here. Thanks again for reading! 💋

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