Is Pregnancy Glow For Real - By NadineAmanduh

Is Pregnancy Glow For Real?

Have you ever heard of pregnancy glow? Like, do pregnant women naturally get a nice dewy skin, or a warm flush when they’re expecting, or is it all just a myth? I did a little research about this just to dig in deep into some facts on how does the glow happen. Debbie Palmer, a board-certified dermatologist said that “There are physiological changes that occur in women during pregnancy that contribute to a facial ‘pregnancy glow. A few factors that contribute to this include increased hormones, which cause facial oil glands to produce more oil, making the facial skin more shiny, and an increase in blood flow to the skin, making facial skin brighter or blushed.”

Of course not every pregnant women experienced the pregnancy glow to be fair. For some women, pregnancy isn’t always kind to everyone’s skin. This is due to the increase in hormones. Resulting to increase in oil and sebum production. And worse case scenario, some women during their pregnancy start to see blemishes and even acne popping up. To reduce this frustrating side effect, he recommends switching to an oil-free cleanser.

Beauty Benefits during Pregnancy Glow

Improvement in certain skin conditions.

You may experience a few breakouts during pregnancy (very common during third trimester. But if you’re someone who suffers from psoriasis or eczema, you may notice that they clear up during pregnancy. I personally attest to this one. I’ve had eczema for as long as I can remember and I noticed during my previous pregnancy my skin is not acting up. Not too sensitive and dry and my eczema is not showing up. Research shows that pregnancy induces a state of slight immunosuppression, since our body is hosting another being (your baby) and doesn’t want to consider it a threat according to a dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman. She also stated that “inflammatory skin conditions tend to go into remission or at least tend to be less active during pregnancy.” This is so true.

THAT thicker and shinier hair.

Thanks to those pregnancy hormones, your hair follicles stay is in the active stage which results in a fuller head of hair because there is much less shedding. Pregnancy hormones, specifically progesterone, can also cause proliferation in sebaceous gland activity leading to a slightly oily scalp, This makes the hair look thicker and shinier throughout the pregnancy.

Is Pregnancy Glow For Real - By NadineAmanduh
Throwback: Lovin my thick and shiny hair here


According to Dr. Kameelah Phillips (OB Gyn) “This phase is genetically determined, so some might not have this experience,”. Take note: This hair growth isn’t restricted to the kind on your head—it can take place all over your body.

Yes. The skin does glow!

The idea that pregnant women experience a “pregnancy glow” is definitely real. The actual glow comes from an increase in hormones (specifically estrogen and progesterone) and blood volume. More blood flow to the skin = Glow (and a fuller face). The increase in blood flow also allows newer cells to come to the surface, and dry, older cells to be sloughed off. Leaving behind are plump cells that increase the radiance and smoothness of the skin.

Behold… Longer and stronger nails

Recap: Your hair grows thicker and stronger when you’re pregnant. You can also expect your nails to do the same. Then again I can attest to that, during my pregnancy it was the first time again for the longest time that I was able to grow my nails longer without it chipping-off. With the help also of good nutrition and prenatal vitamins that helps grow strong nails during the pregnancy. My doctor was strict in having me take my prenatal vitamins. One of those is my calcium supplement. Take note!

FYI: Not my actual nails

Fuller lips. For real.

That increased in blood flow mentioned earlier can certainly make your lips look fuller or plumper.  Lips appear fuller and pinkish in color as a result of these hormonal changes, but they’re not the only part of the face to swell—it may be common for your gums and eyes to look puffy, too.

Those are a few facts to debunk the pregnancy glow myth. I personally claim that pregnancy glow was real in my 2 pregnancies. It maybe not as real for some. But come to think of it. The “glow” culprit is our hormones. The increase in hormones has lots of benefits. But if its excessive it may cause you breakouts. Best to discuss this concern with your doctor. I hope you liked this blog. Let me know what you think by leaving it on the comments below. You can also contact me here, and let me know what else would you like to read here. Thanks again for reading! 😉

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