App of the week: PicsArt

Been using PicsArt for the longest time I can remember. I remember the first time that I used it was with my Nexus 7 tablet and been enjoying editing a lot!
The app is not as high level like the Adobe Photoshop. Notwithstanding, it is one of the best of photo editing app that my mobile phones or gadgets can’t live without.

App of the week: PicsArt.

PicsArt is not just about the filters and stickers. Users can actually make a presentation or even a poster out of it.
I, hereby dub PicsArt as the App of the week! I personally think that it’s actually my phone’s App of it’s entire existence! From making your own drawing, special effects or filters on your photos, photo collage, various unique clip arts and fonts. You just can’t get enough! Recently, I just updated PicsArt and they have this additional feature called Magic. Here are the sample edited photos below.

PicsArt photo 1474720252702 1474720292257
It looks like an innovated Andy Warhol effect on those photos. And if you’re just as creative as me and you’re blogging too, This app is really really the app for you. Users can be artist with these app and everyone who uses it can share their masterpieces with one another. What I also love about the app are the fonts that that are not very common. Another good thing is that these fonts are for free! Though there are paid fonts and stickers inside the app. The app already have enough free ones to use.

More about this app, Click here

Have you downloaded this app? What do you think?
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