Be At Your Best: Party Etiquette For Guests

Being a guest at a party not only requires your presence. It also requires your participation prior and during the party. You may not be the guest of honor but it’s always good to be at your best during these parties. I’m sharing to you on this blog  some Party Etiquette For Guests.

Party Etiquette 101 - By NadineAmanduh

Be At Your Best: Party Etiquette For Guests
At Pauline’s birthday 2016
Be At Your Best: Party Etiquette For Guests
At Pauline’s birthday 2016

Receiving invites and responding to them

Party invites now come in both paper and digital. As a guest, its is always best and courteous to respond to the invite as soon as you can. It is nice gesture to do this because the host or organizer of the party took the time to organize and include you as a guest and it would be such a huge help to provide them your availability. In the event that you cannot go. It’s still better to inform the party hosts or organizer that you cannot go rather than not showing up at the party. Better to communicate it rather than not go which will leave a bad impression.

Never arrive way too early

Perhaps the best time to arrive at a party is at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled party. This is being punctual enough. If you arrive too early, your event host might feel uptight or frantic and feel the need to hurry up.

Offer help to the hosts

Just be casual like saying “Do you need help with anything?”. This can go from organizing or preparing food while you wait for other guests. If the party host refused. You can just casually say “alright. I’m just here if you need anything”. But do no over insist in helping.

Bringing of Gifts

Do come bearing gifts. it doesn’t have to be grand for a small event. You can initially hand it to the event host once you arrive. In the event you are attending a big event like a wedding, big birthday or anniversary, and you have a huge gift. It’s better to mail it instead. You don’t want the hassle of bringing a huge gift at the party.

Keep the talks short with the party hosts

Of course we may want to catch up with the host or the guests of honor, but keep it short. There are other guests at the event who wanted to talk to them too. don’t get offended if the host or guest of honor wasn’t able to spend a lot of time talking with you. Just keep the greeting and chit chat to a minimum, Enjoy the event:)

Don’t be a phone frenzy

Keep you phone on a silent or vibrate mode. Do not use your phone too much especially if you’re at a party and there area already guests with you. This gives the impression that you are bored or you don’t like being with the guests. Also, keep you photo ops to a minimum. especially if you are in a party with official photographers. You wouldn’t want to get into their way. In the event that there are no official photographers, better take photos during highlights of the event. Like a rare group photo, surprising the guest/s of honor, or blowing the candles on the cake. Just be in the moment and don’t be to engrossed on your phone.

I hope you picked up a few tips from this article. You can share your party etiquette too by leaving your comments below or you can reach me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Please feel free to share this article. Thanks for reading! 😉

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