What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag - By NadineAmanduh

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

In 3 months I’ll be giving birth to our baby and as the due month approaches, the more there is to prepare. And the major thing that you need to prepare for besides the stuff for the baby are the stuff for yourself. I’m talking about a mommy’s hospital bag. This is the survival bag of a mother when she’s preparing to give birth. I learned from my mom that at least a month before your due date, your hospital bag and baby’s hospital bag should be prepared.

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag - By NadineAmanduh

To be honest I haven’t packed my hospital bag yet. But I’ve been doing some research and listing down stuff that I need on my hospital bag. The more prepared, the better. I have created an infographic below that shows what to put in your hospital bag. So,

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

1.Bath Robe

Preferably a comfy cotton bathrobe. At least 2 pieces. It’s easier for moms to breastfeed in a bathrobe while you’re in the hospital but This still depends on you. If you prefer a shirt and shorts then go for it. I would suggest to wear a button down shirt for breastfeeding purposes.

2.Hair Tie

You would want to keep your hair away from your face and from the baby while you’re caring for him or her. Another option also is ahead band if you’re not fond of hair ties.


It may get cold in the hospital and you want to keep your feet warm. TIP: lather on petroleum jelly and your favorite body moisturizer on your feet before wearing your socks to prevent it from drying.


Better to bring a face towel, and towel and bath towel. You may be supplied with  these in the hospital but its better if you have your own for cleansing and wiping. I suggest tying these three towels all together for you to easily find it, prevent it from getting lost or scattered inside your hospital bag.

5.Sanitary Napkin

This is very necessary in your hospital bag. Better to pack a pack or two of sanitary napkins, preferably the long and winged ones to prevent staining your undies. Once you give birth, you’ll have bloody discharges as if you’re on a heavy period. Come to think of it, you haven’t had your period for several months because your pregnant. Its you body’s ways of adjusting and cleansing it.


Like in any travel or stay over, slippers is a necessity in your hospital bag. Best to have your comfy slippers so your feet can breathe. Easy to wear, easy to remove.


Don’t forget to have your going-home shoes. If you prefer sandals that is find as long as you’re comfortable with it.

8.Button-down Dress

A dress would be always easy to wear compare to paired clothing like a top and pants (or shorts or skirt). I recommend having a button down dress incase your baby wants to breastfeed while you’re traveling home, it will be convenient for you both.


Another hospital bag essential are your underwear. Don’t forget to pack at least  two or three bras and 2 pairs of underwear. Choose a cotton one and a cut that its easy to place your sanitary napkin.


A binder, or girdle that should be fine. Even the corset type should do. It doesn’t matter if you had a C-section or Normal delivery. A binder is a necessity to support your upper and lower abdomen. And of course it helps you get back in shape somehow after you give birth. When I gave birth to my daughter I am religiously wearing a binder even at home. It helped flattened my abdomen.

11.Nursing Cover

Nursing covers gives breastfeeding moms privacy while breastfeeding their baby. It comes in several designs and different ways to wear it but it all has the same purpose which is to give privacy for breastfeeding.

12.Nursing Pads

This is a breastfeeding essential that must be ready in your hospital bag. Milk or colostrum leakage from your breast is uncontrollable and it stains in your bra which is hard to remove. Better to have your nursing pads in your hospital bag. I suggest having the disposable ones for sanitation purposes.

13.Breast Pump

A breast pump is very important breastfeeding tool as it helps in expressing milk as it stimulates lactation. There are several kinds of breast pumps to choose from. There are also electrical breast pumps available and I’ve read this new Silicone type of breast pump popularized by the brand Hakaa. Again it depends on you what kind of breast pump you would prefer.

14.MakeUp Pouch

Even after giving birth you would still like to look presentable and beautiful after all the stress of giving birth had brought you. You don’t have to be overly glammed. Perhaps just enough to even your skin tone with foundation or concealer, fill your eyebrows, and put something on your cheek and lip to give you some color.


DO NOT FORGET your wallet. You’ll need your valid IDs, health card, ATM card, and money. I need not to explain this further.

16.Charger and Earphones

You wouldn’t want your mobile phone or gadgets to ran out of battery. Put it all in a pouch. I remember discussing this on my previous blog on How To Pack Your Handbag The Right Way. What I have on my pouch together with the charger and earphones is also a power bank.

17.Pouch for your toiletries

I’ve listed below what to pack on your toiletry pouch

• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Soap or body wash
• Body lotion
• Facial wash (if you’re using a body wash, you can opt this out)
• Baby oil (I mix this with my lotion for extra moisture)
• Petroleum Jelly (for so many reasons)
• Lip Balm
• Toothbrush and tooth paste
• Mouth wash
• Cotton pads and cotton buds
• Toner
• Moisturizer
• Nail Cutter & Nail File

18.Envelope for important documents

It is important to have your documents handy. I have also prepared a birth certificate cheat sheet where I can refer to for filling out the baby’s birth certificate. For a working mom like me here in the Philippines, I have listed the documents that you need at the hospital:

• Birth Certificate Cheat Sheet (You can contact me here so I can email you one)
• Pre-Natal booklet (the ones that you bring every check up)
• SSS Maternity forms (Maternity benefit, Maternity Notification, and Maternity reimbursement)
• PhilHealth Claim Form
• PhilHealth MDR Form

So this sums up on what I’m going to put on my hospital bag. I’ll be blogging next time on what to put on my baby’s hospital bag. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below or you can reach me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! 😉
Thanks for reading! 😉

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