How To Organize A Baby Shower - By NadineAmanduh

How We Organized My Birthday & Baby Shower

The idea is very all of a sudden. I totally have no plans at all to have a party on my birthday or a baby shower coz there’s a lot to think about. First, there’s the budget, number of guests, venue, food and etc. There’s just a lot to organize. I asked one of my long time college friends on what are the needs for a baby shower. So she mentioned stuff like the venue (preferably a hotel), A baby registry, The party should be potluck (the reason for this is that the mother-to-be shouldn’t be spending too much for the shower) and of course the guest list. I’ve thought that yeah this can be done. I haven’t had a party for such a long time and  I just want to make it special because of there’s a baby coming.

How To Organize A Baby Shower - By NadineAmanduh

I’m also grateful that my childhood best friend is helping along as well. Of course I have conceptualized a theme which I have used on the digital invite. Since there’s a theme, I also decided to have very minimal decors and souvenirs for this baby shower. Below is the official digital invite. And a separate invite about the gender reveal.

How We Organized My Birthday & Baby Shower  How We Organized My Birthday & Baby Shower


For the venue. My choices were Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, Oakwood Premier Ortigas, Discovery Suites, and Aruga by The Grove. I’m set to having a one bed room suite and a spacious area. So the guests can eat and hang out. The one bedroom suite in Astoria is around 60-70 sqm without a kitchen. So that easily got eliminated from the list. Oakwood Premiere’s One Bedroom suite is around 80-90 sqm with a kitchen so I am keeping that on the list. Discovery Suites look spacious but not  enough tables I guess. Aruga by The Grove looks spacious but then again not enough tables. So the venue that I’ve decided on is Oakwood Premier. (More of Oakwood One Bedroom Suite)

Birthday & Baby Shower - Venue - Oakwood Premier

Birthday & Baby Shower - Venue - Oakwood Premier

Registry for the baby shower

Initial suggestions to me are Baby Company and MotherCare. But I had a hard time looking for their baby registry online. So I ended up with SM Baby Registry. I think it’s the most practical especially for some of my friends who lives in Fairview Area. I also selected items at SM Aura Premier. At the registry I was advised that if you selected most of the items in an SM Premier mall like Mall of Asia, Makati, North EDSA, and aura. Most likely they have all the same items. Photos below are instructions that was posted on the Facebook Events page.

How We Organized My Birthday & Baby Shower  How We Organized My Birthday & Baby ShowerHow We Organized My Birthday & Baby Shower

Potluck Party

It was my friend who suggested to me that the mother-to-be should not spend too much for the baby shower. So it should be a potluck instead. She provided me food ideas like chicken, pork, beef, pasta, pancit, seafood, dessert, drinks, pica pica, and I voluntarily added pizza. lol She also suggested to have an organizer to send the invite on Facebook instead of me doing that. I decided on having Erika (my childhood-best-friend-slash-sister-slash-girlfriend-til-death-do-us-part) to organize this for me. We both agreed that I’ll be doing the designing of the invites, the guest list, and other stuff. Then she’ll be the one to execute.Birthday & Baby Shower - Potluck party

Baby Shower Guest List

For the guests list. I honestly don’t want a lot of people. Considering the fact that we’re only renting a one bedroom suite. The family that I’m planning to invite are only my dad and my daughter (my mom and my brother via facetime). I only invited 2 of my relatives from my mother side, my closest group of friends like my college friends, highschool friends, very few friends from my previous work, and Jeff’s closest friends along with their girlfriends.

The Facebook Events page is very helpful in organizing this birthday & baby shower. Besides it saves you money from printing invites, it allows you to easily get in touch with your guests. If there are any changes, you just need to post it on the event page that you created. Awesome!


I’ve been seeing a lot of festive decor for a party but I’m holding back on getting too excited so I won’t over spend. So, I decided to stick on my personal theme which is White, Silver and Gold. I wanted to have plain white balloons that are sticked on the ceiling to create an effect that they are floating in the air. I have also cut out rain drops in silver and gold too that I can attach on a string and to the balloons. There’s this special corner where I already designated it for decorating. I also plan to put the souvenirs on the table together with some cupcakes and whatever I can think of.


I have a lot of ideas for the souvenirs like, cupcakes, hand sanitizer with “thank you” tags, personalized scented candles in a can with a ‘thank you” sticker on it, candy jars. But then again I really don’t want to spend too much but still wanted to be creative. I want to surprise the guests with something unusual yet simple. So I decided on paper bags that each have the following: A Thank You Card that I personally designed, A tea bag with a label “a baby is brewing”, and a small plastic bag of pop corn with a label “READY TO POP on December 2017”. All of these ideas thanks to pinterest.

Birthday & Baby Shower - Thank You Card


So that’s pretty much how we organized my baby shower. Special thanks to Jeff, Erika, Pauline and all of the guests who attended this event. It means a lot to me! I’ll be posting photos of the baby shower on this blog. So stay tuned 🙂 How do you like this article? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉

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