5 Tips In Joining Beauty Pageants For A Non Pageant Girl

Hi guys! I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Been busy with work and other things outside of work. I’ve recently been part of this pageant in our office which is the search for the company’s image model and I want to share to you guys photos from this event.

I have walked for fashion shows for work purposes. Err, not on pageants. I just don’t like the feeling that I have to compete with other ladies for a title. That’s just my personal opinion. I’m happy to have been part of this event.

img_1231img_1232I have put extra effort on my makeup but as you can see I didn’t put much of an effort on my hair. I honestly just towel dried my hair and combed it. Luckily we have hair stylists and makeup artists there for the event. One of them hair-iron straightened my hair. My hair was a disaster on my evening gown look. I just love it! I’m comfortable and that’s just me. I didn’t intend to be over glammed up.

Photo credits (below) to Al Cardenas


Photo credits to Ecko Luis

I’m quite surprised that I was the first one called for the final round & I didn’t win any special awards. Btw, I’m so happy for my friend/team mate Jenn. She won Miss Photogenic. Imma a proud friend who did her makeup!

Well, I didn’t expect it. Why? 1) I didn’t spent money for this pageant (well except for food and my makeup). 2) Have no special awards. 3) I don’t have that huge of fan-base.

Twas a nerve racking experience to be called first for the question & answer portion. So scared I might go on a mental block &answer too much weirdness. The question was, if my name will be put on the dictionary, what would it mean and why? Can’t recall my answer. I do remember saying that my name would mean optimistic and hardworking. I want to showcase my personality, & make people feel that when they use my name as a “word”, it will serve a positive purpose ( I really don’t know where did that came from).

Each contestant was able to answer well and I’m just happy and relieved for everyone. The one that I speculated who would win actually won. I personally think 1) I honestly think she nailed her photo for the pre pageant, 2) she performs well, 3) she really have a huge fan base. Congrats to Gelly! (I wish I know her full name)

It was quite an experience but this might  be the last pageant that I’ll be joining. I totally feel that I’m kinda old for this kind of stuff. Just want to focus on my work and become a makeup artist (I am still unsure of this venture!) Ending this blog post about:

Tips on joining beauty pageants if you’re not a pageant-girl

(Yep! You’ve read that right)
1. Take good care of your skin.
– remember its a beauty pageant. Always hydrate. Don’t sleep with your makeup on.
2. Ensure you have a good makeup on you.
– Learn from the internet or get a friend to do your makeup for you.
3. Always attend rehearsals.
– you get to know your co-contestants well and share tips. You don’t want to miss out any changes in the flow of the show.
4. Have a good support system.
– family & friends will keep you motivated.
5. Be thankful.
– its not all the time that you’ll be joining this kind of event. You were chosen to join is coz people believe you have a potential. 🙂

I would love to know what you think about this blog! Please leave a comment below or contact me privately here. Thanks again for reading! 😉

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