NEW K-Beauty Trend: Glass Skin - By NadineAmanduh

NEW K-Beauty Trend: Glass Skin

When you first hear of K-beauty, most of us immediately think of fair, smooth and flawless skin of Koreans. Today, they are now labeling this Korean skin type called “Glass Skin”. “Glass skin is a skin ideal in Korea,” said founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang matter-of-factly. Which means skin that looks clear, poreless, translucent, [and] luminous. Of course who wouldn’t want to have this kind of skin? The 2 founders also explained that you can achieve this K-beauty trend- glass skin appearance by strobing with your skin care. Product specific they mentioned: Vita Propolis Ampoule.

NEW K-Beauty Trend: Glass Skin - By NadineAmanduh

K-Beauty Origin

The word K-Beauty or Korean Beauty is a popular umbrella term for Korean skin-care products. The term is now known worldwide and known to focus on health, hydration, and having super smooth poreless skin. It’s also popular due to its several step by step process of layering skin care products. Popular K-Beauty products part of the regimen are: facial masks, essences, serums, moisturizers, cushion compacts. Also fermented products, and SPF 35 sunscreen (especially in the morning). And at night the sunscreen is replaced with a sleep cream. I honestly think it’s a little expensive if you are to maintain a step by step beauty regimen. At the same time, if these K-beauty regimen removes the need of you going to your facial care center, then why not. It’s worth it to invest on those skin care products.

Korean Beauty Trend: Glass Skin - By NadineAmanduh

Glass Skin Obsession

According to Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. “It’s a sign of youthfulness and it’s one of the most strived-for qualities in Korea. However, this combination of ultra-smooth texture and super translucency can be hard to achieve with products alone. It’s not something you get overnight – it’s consistent skincare that gives you that refined texture, the pinnacle of youthful skin.” In short, this kind of skin cannot be achieved overnight or even for weeks. Establishing a beauty regimen with a long-term commitment is the key.

She also added, “A glow of this magnitude starts from within, and you need products that will deliver actives deeper, rather than those that simply sit on top. Getting this fresh-faced texture comes two-fold: First, you’ll need an exfoliator to buff skin so it has that very smooth texture. Secondly, a hydrating serum to help give that glass-like appearance”.

Exfoliation + Hydration

Deviating from the commonly known key in K-Beauty which is hydration. To achieve glass skin, it also requires exfoliation. Exfoliation is key to ensure that the deep layers of the skin is healthy too. Achieving glass skin is something that should also come from within.

I hope you like today’s entry on the blog. My personal take on this K-beauty trend is that, it’s not a chore. It’s actually self-care. If you look good, you feel good. Let me know what you think in the comments below or you can contact me here, and let me know what articles would you like to read here on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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