Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Care Is Here! - By NadineAmanduh

Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Care Is Here!

So excited to announce that my natural and cruelty-free skin care line is here:  Hello! Naturals is now available! We are now accepting online orders. With the best introductory price ever!

Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Care Is Here! - By NadineAmanduh

Here’s Our Skin Care Story

At Hello! Naturals we are advocates of healthy skin no matter what skin type you have. We believe it’s best to have a proper skin care regimen with the right skin care products to protect and nurture your skin.

As a working mom, I’ve also been so passionate about all things beauty and skin care. I share stuff about beauty and skin care through my blog: I’m a believer that healthy skin can be achieved by natural products and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Natural healthy skin cannot be achieved overnight because you need to have discipline to maintain a skin care regimen. Hello! Naturals and can help you achieve and maintain healthy skin.

I decided to craft Hello! Naturals that is fit for all skin types that has your basic skin care needs like your facial wash, face toner, face cream and face serum that are all natural. I’ve done my extensive research, consulted doctors, partnered with manufacturers to achieve my goal of producing skin care products that will nurture your skin.

Hello! Naturals is also cruelty free. It is never tried on animals. These skin care products are tested on me. The aim of Hello! Naturals is healthy skin for all skin types that is reasonably priced.

Our Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products

Hello! Naturals Facial Wash

are available in both Milk & Honey and also Tea Tree. Both are my favorites . I use Tea Tree Facial Wash in the morning for an extra boost because of its cooling effect while I use Milk & Honey in the evening post makeup removal.

Hello! Naturals Face Toner

are available in 4 variants: Cucumber & Aloe, Tea Tree, Healing Witch Hazel and Purifying Lemon. These Face Toners can double as a face mist too. I decided to put it on a spray bottle for easy application on a cotton pad. A toner is a must because not all residue are removed even after you wash your face. 😉

Hello! Naturals Face Oil & Serum

are available in 2 variants: Anti-Aging + Collagen and Illuminating and Repairing. These are infused with essential oils and serum. Our Face Oil + Serum are light weight and I recommend just putting a little amount on the palm of your hand, rub it in your clean fingers and massage it onto your fore head, nose, cheeks and chin. Take note: Best to use after toner and before moisturizer.

Know more about Face Oil and Serums here.

Hello! Naturals Face Cream

are both available in Anti-Aging + Whitening and Glutathione and Rosehip. Filipinas are sooo obsessed with whitening products and I released these products based on my survey results. Hello! Naturals Face Cream is the last of your facial care routine. it just seals moisture on your face, whitens, and nourishes it with no harmful chemicals.

Natural vs Organic

Just shedding a light on what’s the difference between products that are natural and products that are organic. Natural products has components derived straight from plants or minerals. Natural products usually had undergone minimal or no processing. Natural can also mean “food-grade,” in that the ingredients used are also common foods (If you’ll notice most of my product ingredients are: Milk, Honey, Tea Tree, Cucumber, Aloe, Lemon, Witch Hazel…)

Whereas organic products,refers to elements derived from non-genetically modified plants. Those of that has grown in an ecological way, with respect for the environment without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers or any other toxins. The ingredient should have been extracted and processed naturally. The term organic may be used for a product even if it contains just 1% organic ingredients. A product cannot be certified organic in its complete form but the ingredients within it can be.

Cruelty-Free. What does it mean and why go for it?

If you guys will notice, there’s a PETA logo on my products. PETA means People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA is the association has certified the brand does not test on animals. Hello! Naturals doesn’t test on animals and all natural. Products are tested on me (a human)and not on animals.

Why go for cruelty-free? Did you know that there are thousand of ingredients (that are certified safe) that doesn’t require to test it on animals? That’s number 1 reason. Also, animal testing isn’t just applying products to animals. These animals are forced to inhale toxic fumes, some are immobilized in restraint devices for hours, some have holes drilled into their skulls, and others have their skin burned off or their spinal cords crushed. It is so sad and so unnecessary.

Looking forward for your support on natural and cruelty-free skin care products like Hello! Naturals. By using natural and cruelty-free,you are doing good and should be feeling good. Follow Hello! Naturals on Facebook and on Instagram. For more questions, you can also contact me here. Thanks for reading! 💋

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