Trying Out Food At Mang Larry’s Isawan

We decided to try out this popular eating place in UP Diliman Campus, Mang Larry’s Isawan. Been hearing about this place for quite sometime and heard that it’s been serving for decades and food is really good at a cheap price.

Filipinos refer “isawan” as a food stall selling grilled isaw. “Isaw” refers to the pig or chicken’s intestines. However, Isawan not only serves grilled intestines but other innards of the pig or chicken like tripe, gizzard. Sometimes even hotdog too or “Betamax”. A betamax is a formed pig’s blood.

Mang Larry’s Isawan Experience.

We had difficulty finding the location at first because waze is directing us somewhere in Maginhawa Street. Good thing is we found a tarpaulin showing Mang Larry’s Isawan and contact numbers. I called the mobile number and it was Mang Larry who actually picked up. We were instructed that they are near UP Bahay ng Alumni or UP Theater.

So we arrived at Mang Larry’s. It’s at the back (or on the side, not so sure) of UP Bahay ng Alumni. The place is not something fancy but I am guessing that food here taste good since it’s very well-known.

Mang Larry's Isawan
The food here is really affordable as seen on the photos I took of their menu below. The menus are displayed at their cashier & kitchen area.

There are monoblock tables and chairs with big umbrellas on each table. Floor is made of stones. They also have a mini stall called #AlaManggaholic where you can buy green mangoes. And besides the usual “bagoong” (fish paste) and “alamang” (shrimp or crab paste) to dip the green mangoes, they have several other condiments like chili flakes, pepper, garlic, and etc.

Mang Larry's Isawan - #AlaManggaholic

The Food.

We ordered Stuffed Squid with Rice, Isaw and Pork Barbecue with Rice, Cheese Sticks, Avocado Shake, and Milk Tea Shake. I ate Stuffed Squid stuffed w/ chopped chili, red onions, & tomatoes that you can dip into soy sauce with chili and onions too. It’s so tasty, buttery & well cooked. Really delicious for only 90 pesos. I’m rating it 9 out of 10.

Mang Larry's Isawan - Stuffed Squid

My boyfriend had the Isaw and Pork Barbecue with Rice. According to him, the isaw is small but tasty and crispy while the pork barbecue is a bit dry and not that tasty. He’s actually looking for that saucy and tasty kind of pork barbecue.

Mang Larry's Isawan - Isaw and Pork Barbecue

As for the Cheese sticks, its good enough for 20 pieces – 8 pieces with ketchup and mayo sauce. They used real cheddar cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper. Unlike those that you can buy at a grocery store that uses artificial cheese or cheese powder.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of our drinks. My boyfriend liked the Avocado shake he ordered. As for my Milk Tea shake, I didn’t like it. It is no way near the taste of a milk tea but it tastes like Cookies and Cream Milk Shake. I honestly don’t recommend it. Perhaps I should’ve gone to something fruity instead.

Mang Larry’s Isawan is where you can go to if you happen to be in the area (UP Campus or Teacher’s Village) and you wanted cheap and tasty food. I’m rating the convenience of the location and environment as 6 out of 10 because it’s not that easy to find even if you’re driving, what more for those people who are commuting. And another down side is that there are too many flies. There’s no moment that you need to shoo the flies away while you’re eating.

This is just my honest review of our experience. Others may have a totally different experience at Mang Larry’s Isawan.

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