App of the week: MakeUp Plus

First thing’s first. Thanks to Makeup Plus ph for posting this on Instagram.

Can’t seem to get enough of using the app as you can see below. I’ve edited my 2nd photo ü (that’s me killin it)

imageThe app initially has a pre-made look (as seen below)image

Users can actually fully customize a look. Ranging from: foundation, lipsticks with more than 10 shades & different kinds to choose from like satin, matte or glossy (lovin the matte ü). There are several blush shades to choose from and many styles on where you want the blush located on your face.


And ladies! There are different types of contour (plus strobing. You read that right) to choose from. Don’t forget your eye brows too! It has several selections of shapes and 3 colors for your eye brows: black, dark brown and light brown. My fave feature is the palette of eye shadows too choose from (amazing!ü)


This Makeup Plus app will totally give a you a brand new look that actually highlights all your facial features. The app has an option to change your eye color (I usually use Hazel, Honey, and Grey. I really think it brightens my eyes and compliments with my skin tone). The app has varieties of eye lashes too choose from!ü My choice of eye lashes are always the ones that has a lower lash lines coz I’m always into brightening up my eyes. This feature I’m not actually expecting which is the eye lid option. Yep! The app offers a range of eye lid shapes (great job!). A must-use feature to define my eye lids. It enhances it and I love it!


An app original feature: face decorations. If users feel extra creative. I like how the maker of this app thought of putting the freckles btw. My personal fave is the boho thingy there. Ü

Girls! This is just very easy to use.  Users just need to upload their photo. The makeup plus app will automatically select the focal points on the photo. The beautifying part is up to you. You can experiment with whatever look that you prefer. You can even get makeup inspirations from the looks that you’ve tried on the app and apply it to yourself!ü

I hope you guys are excited as I am experimenting your looks on this Makeup Plus app!What beauty apps do you recommend?
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Thanks for reading! 😉

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