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MakeUp Organizers That I’m Obsessed With

I am an organizing addict. I like organizers for everything! Especially for my makeup. I’ve been obsessed with easy storage and clear so  I could just see everything in it. Feel free to scroll below and learn more!♡


Quick Tips Before Placing your MakeUp products on your Organizer

♡ Lay Them.

Lay all of your makeup products on a lean surface. You can lay a towel on your bed for a bigger space.

♡ Categorize.

Group your face powder and foundations, blush, eye shadow, eye liners. This will be easier for you to sort.

♡ Divide and Conquer.

You can now start putting it on your organizer and and divide them per category. Like have a portion for the face, another portion for lippies, eyes etc.


I’ve gathered a few of makeup organizers that I really really love and a must -have for makeup organizing geeks out there. Or if you just simply want to be organized. Scroll down and shop 😉

I am so down for clear acrylic makeup organizers like this one. It is just totally neat and a total space saver!

If you’re a gal who have lots of lippies then this one’s for you. The lipstick holders are so neat plus there are drawers if you need to put your lip liners, a longer lippie or your palettes. I recommend this one as it has places for every makeup that you have.

I like all things clear and with body. This 3 in 1 pouch can keep you organized. YOu can use the big clear pouch for your toiletries, the rectangular pouch for your makeup, and the small round one for your charger, cables, and etc. The good thing is if you like changing your bags, you just have to bring out the pouches 😉

This one looks so chic and clean. Again I like those pouches with a form or body, it’s easier to store in your bag. This one is great for putting in your makeup bottles and brushes too.

Again I like those pouches with a form or body, it’s easier to store in your bag. 😉 I suggest have pouches for everything. It makes easier to transfer bags without forgetting  stuff

It is indeed a gadget organizer but it doesn’t mean you can’t put your make up on it. You can use those thick garterize straps for your face powder, palette or foundation bottle. There’s a pocket on the inside too for other stuff.

Ready to glam!

There you have it! These are the makeup organizers that I highly recommend for a better organized room and bag. Let me know what do you think by leaving your comments below, and you can also contact me here and let me know what else would you like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 💋

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