How To Make Your Pores Smaller

Reality check: All of us has pores. Disclaimer: This blog post contains the basic about pores and how to improve them but not totally cure the pores. And first there’s no “cure for big pores” because it’s not even a disease guys. Some of us area really gifted with poreless skin and some of us are gifted with poreful skin! I know there’s no such term but I’m just referring to big pores and those who have invisible to small pores.

What are pores?

Pores are part of our skin which is the opening of a hair follicle. Even on our face, the follicles are very small or sometimes even close to invisible. FACT: there are oil glands located under each follicles. And over time, both follicle and oil glands grow. Causing our pores to enlarge..

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But yes, even if you have tiny to small pores, in time your pores will become large. Also another thing, there’s no product invented in this world that will shrink your pores forever. But there are a lot of products that can help and of course preventive measures. Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

Some people has big pores, some doesn’t. But why?

The size of your pores is mostly due to genetics and hormones. Sadly, you have no control over your genetics. Also oily and unclean skin can also cause oils to settle around the pores, making them appear larger as the skin around them thickens. Skin thickens, too, from sun damage and aging as cells build up around pore-openings. But there are ways that you can do to help manage your pores to make them look as smaller as possible. But totally shrink them? Nah.


Big pores? Sometimes acceptance is key. But…

It doesn’t mean you’re not going to do anything about it. Like what I mentioned earlier, prevention is still better than cure. There are measures you can take to help it appear smaller and prevent it from getting bigger. Remember, oil and sun is your enemy in preventing bigger pores. That is why it’s very important to use sun protection every day. Sun evaporates the water in your skin, causing it to lose its moisture which makes your oil glands react causing to produce oil. The oil then just stays in your pores. That’s why it’s helpful if you use oil blotting paper, or even a really thin tissue to absorb it.

It’s ok to bathe in the sun or get a tan but always use sun protection and hydrate yourself. Some people would say that a lot of sun exposure tightens the pores as they can feel it on their skin. Yes it tightens, this is a brief effect because it’s dehydrating your skin. And that’s why, it will make the pores bigger. Then again once the skin is dehydrated it releases oil making blackheads and whiteheads worse from the excess oil that stays in the skin.

Another fact: As our skin ages, sebaceous gland, cell renewal activity and collagen and elastin production decreases, thereby increasing the appearance of visible pores.

What can I do to make pores less visible?

Besides staying out of the sun without a sun block, a tissue or oil blotting paper to reduce oiliness. Any product with ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide, caffeine, and retinol can cause impact on the size of your pores. It is also said that taking antioxidant supplements like folic acid, zinc, copper, and niacinamide by mouth can also be very helpful as they have powerful antioxidant and wound healing effects. Basically stuff that has anti oxidants. If you want to go something very natural, go for a black coffee and berries.

These are your “pore-werful” friends

How To Make Your Pores Smaller - By NadineAmanduh How To Make Your Pores Smaller - By NadineAmanduh

How To Make Your Pores Smaller - By NadineAmanduh How To Make Your Pores Smaller - By NadineAmanduh

Products with retinol, I recommend it as a cream. Most anti-aging cream has retinol. It’s just a matter of looking what you think is suitable for your skin. I’m already contented with Pond’s age defying night cream. It’s a splurge if you’ll go for an Estee Lauder but it does deliver results. Oil blotting paper is your staying-oil-free BFF. I love Clean and Clear Oil Blotting paper, this is only less than 200 pesos (less than $4.00). I haven’t really used a sunblock specifically for the face but I heard that VMV hypoallergenic face cover is a good sunscreen. Check that out too. And products with salycilic acid, I recommend Garnier Pure Active Face Wash. With break outs or not, best to use it once or twice a week to exfoliate and it decreases swelling and removes dead skin. That’s why this is also highly recommended for those who have pimples.

That is all for today! I hope you find this blog really helpful. I think this gave more realization on as to why sunblock is really important and the use of salycilic acid and retinol. Do you have other tips for making pores appear smaller that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know on the comments section below. You can also reach me here. Thanks for reading! 😉

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