How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair

Last weekend I decided to color my hair. I bought this L’oreal hair dye. I colored my hair and bleached it using April skin bleach. AND….  it’s unbelievably ugly! It went orangey and yellowish with patches of dark hair. (Nag muka pusa na may tatlong kulay si bes!) Piece of advise from me: Hair DIYs are not for the unskillful. DO NOT COLOR/BLEACH ON YOUR OWN.


But wait there’s more. To add up to my EPIC HAIR FAILURE, I even tried doing my own PURPLE SHAMPOO / CONDITIONER (Don’t ask me how because it’s a total fail). What a purple shampoo does is it neutralizes warm tones in blonde/light hair by depositing cool, violet pigment. Purple shampoo can be used as a regular shampoo, or as an intensive treatment by applying it generously to dry hair. Preferably it should PURPLE CONDITIONER because if you bleach your hair, you wanted to repair it by moisturizing it with conditioner and other hair treatments.

Going back…

My DIY Purple Shampoo/Conditioner left me with a horribly dirty bathroom floor. There’s just purple dye everywhere. I even have to sleep on a towel so it won’t stain my pillow.

Why am I bleaching my hair anyway? I’m bleaching my hair in order for me to achieve the actual color Platinum Ash Brown. The lighter your hair, the more it shows the color. Imagine if you try coloring on a brown or black art paper with a blue or purple crayon. Do you see the actual colors? Compare if you color it on a white bond paper. See the difference?

How Bleach works

Bleach works by penetrating your hair shaft and oxidizing the natural pigment that gives its color. This causes hair damage and for the same reason, your hair needs to be in healthy condition to be bleached. If your hair is dry or damaged, I would recommend not to bleach it and wait for  a go signal from your colorist on when you can do it.

Fixing my hair by bleaching

I seeked helped from my trusty hair colorist (whom I should’ve contacted in the first place).

My colorist always starts coloring the bottom portion of my hair and dividing it into four sections. The reason is that the scalp and hair at the bottom part absorbs less heat (heat is a major factor in coloring your mane because the more heat, the more your hair absorbs the color) compare to our scalp and hair on the top of our head.

See below what a failure my own coloring did to me…

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh
It may not be that obvious here but there are patches that are dark and some sections that are light


How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown - By NadineAmanduh
This is after bleaching my hair. At first the highlights were maroon which my colorist and I don’t know where did it came from. And it’s now like a burnt pink.

Now during the procedure. Bleaching is no joke. The smell is intoxicating for me (not for the faint-hearted). I can feel the sting on my scalp especially when the colorist is starting to apply on the top portion og my head.

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh
This is still a tolerable moment.

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh

Some tips when bleaching your crowning glory

1.Wear an old shirt. What I also do is I wrap the collar around my neck and secure it with a safety pin so my nape and neck is protected from the harmful bleach (yes its harmful)

2.Make sure you shampooed  (not conditioner because the bleach won’t penetrate if hair is moistured)

3.Reiterating: Do not bleach on your own. Have somebody else experienced do it for you so it covers all section of your hair.

4.Always ALWAYS start from the bottom of your hair all the way up!

Perfect feels…

So after my whole hair is covered with bleach. I felt really uncomfortable because of the scent and I had to stay in front of the electric fan so I can inhale some unbleached air and to cool down my scalp. Which only helps a little.  think I was only able to stand the post bleaching application for less than 30 minutes.

It really burns my skin. and I had to wash off the bleach with water and shampoo only. Then the colorist blow dried my hair — which felt really dry.

Now it looks much better than what it was before but it doesn’t stop there. The platinum ash brown color needs to be applied. You can do the same tips as above.

After waiting for 45 minutes (or more), here’s the result

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh
This is what it looked liked with a regular room lighting

I didn’t manage to take selfies right after  so I had to wait the next day so I could be all made up for work.


I love the ashy look rather than an orangey and yellowish brown or what we call “The brassiness”. I have a close up half on half photo to compare my hair. The best that I could get.

How To Achieve My Platinum Ash Brown Hair - By NadineAmanduh

If you’ll notice the photo on the right, I had this tiny wound. This was caused by the bleach. It’s just a strand of bleached hair went onto my face and it caused me that. See how harmful it is on the skin. That’s why I strongly advise have an experienced person slash pro to do this for you.

Am I planning to have a different hair color in the next few months?

Definitely not. I’m keeping this hair color for at least a year. I’ll just have my grown roots retouched. I’m already expecting the same agony of bleaching but hoping I can tolerate it better this time.


How am I planning to maintain or care for my hair?

Less shampoo for my main mane as per advise by my hair colorist so it won’t strip the natural hair moisture. When I say less shampoo, that does for me by two to three times a week or as needed. As needed meaning I really sweat a lot. I was also advised to always use a conditioner and I can use argan oil for my hair as a mask when I sleep. I also ordered a purple conditioner to better reduce my newly colored hair’s brassiness.  You can also buy yours here on my blog 😉

If I feel a little experimental again. I might do this DIY purple conditioner and use Manic Panic hair dye. Coz last time I mixed the conditioner with a purple and blue food coloring. Ugh!  You can buy your Manic Panic Hair color below (if deemed I am successful).

2.Blow Dry
6.Blow Dry
8.Wait time (could last up to an hour depending on your hair’s reaction)
10.Blow Dry

There you have it for today! Hoping you got some tips on bleaching and hair coloring on today’s post. I wanna know what do you think of this article by leaving your comments down below. Let me know what else would you like to read on my blog, you can contact me here. Thanks for reading!💋

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