How To Cook “Sinigang na Hipon” (Thäi style)

This is my first attempt to cook sinigang and I always put my own style in cooking (Well in almost everything actually).

I’m so happy that this recipe turnt out well! I’m totally not disappointed with my cooking coz it really turned out delicious.
If you’ll notice I’m not very particular about the measurement of each ingredient and deviated my recipe from the normal “sinigang”.
Ingredients are below:
– Shrimps
– Coconut cream/ “gata”
– sliced button Mushrooms
– sliced Green Finger Chili
– sliced Lemon Grass
– Fish sauce/ “patis”
– “Sukang iloco” (or you can try Apple Cider Vinegar)
– sliced Red Bell Pepper (try replacing with chili paste for extra spice)
– Brown Sugar
– Black pepper (to taste)


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