House Cleaning Made Easy For The Lazy - By NadineAmanduh

House Cleaning Made Easy For The Lazy

Most of us (Nope. Not me – but yeah sometimes) didn’t really have the habit nor the patience to do house cleaning. But you’ve got to admit yourself that a clean and organized house really does have effect on your mind. You feel more relaxed and at ease. But sometimes because of work or errands that we’ve got to do everyday, we just don’t feel like cleaning.

House Cleaning Made Easy For The Lazy - By NadineAmanduh


Just want to emphasize that the opinions you’ll read here on the blog are mine alone. Going back… House cleaning doesn’t really have to be like a chore. I honestly think that we need to have discipline when it comes to cleaning. It’s more of having time for it, having the right materials always available, and specific areas where things should be. On today’s blog I’ll share my best practices and ideas for cleaning even when you’re at the laziest point in your life. lol

Clean House → Daily

Yep! You’ve read that right. I just want to be specific on this part. It doesn’t necessarily mean to clean the whole house by doing the wiping, sweeping, mopping and etc. Starting with your own room, by the time you makeup in the morning. Tidy up your bed. Pick up stuff on the floor and put it where it’s supposed to be. Then do that with the other parts of your home. Still lazy in putting stuff where it should be? I suggest having a basket or an extra hamper outside your room where you can put those stuff that you picked up on the floor.You can check it later when you get home. Much easier for you if you’re looking for something in your home and you know exactly where to find it.

Wiping every other day

This is where the wiping comes in. What you’ll need is a water spray bottle, rags, and a medium-sized box (perhaps something a bit larger than a shoe box). I have shelves in my room where I put my perfumes, books and other stuff. And it pretty much gets dusty from time to time. What I do is I empty the shelves. Put those stuff in the medium-sized box and place it in one corner. Spray and wipe of all the dust. I wipe again with the dry portion of the rag before I put back my stuff. Same goes with the other shelves in the house. Still feeling lazy? Use baby wipes instead 😛

But when it comes to kitchen counters and sink, bathroom sink. That’s a different story. I suggest having a disinfectant spray available. You can create your own mixture with part Lysol and part water. For the toilet, preferably I do it one to two times a week. Its best if you have a concentrated disinfectant and that trusty toilet scrub.

Sweeping + Taking out the trash

This can be done every other day to. For my room I admit I only sweep once a week. My floors don’t get that dirty or dusty.I always have a foot mat available by the door and I rarely enter my room with my shoes on. You may want to practice this too. It actually lessens your cleaning time.

Taking out the trash doesn’t have to be a major chore. I ensure that I have my own mini trash bin in my room. We also have one in the bathroom and a big one in the kitchen.The one from the bedroom and bathroom is emptied out on a weekly basis. While the one on the kitchen gets emptied out at least twice a week since it gets full most of the time.

Cleaning the bedding and curtains

Now this depends on you. But for me I change my bedding every 2 weeks. For the curtain, I change it every 1 to 3 months as it doesn’t get that dusty. A good way to clean your curtain is by using a vacuum. Or sometimes I just include it in the laundry.

Check for unused items and expired food

You can do this seasonally. For me the major areas in the house to check for unused items are in my bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. You can easily disposed unused items by asking yourself “Have I used this in the past 6 months”? “Can I use it in the following months?” If your answers are No. Then its time to dispose it. Have a paper bag or huge plastic bag for items that  you’ll dispose. same goes for the kitchen and the bathroom.

Just want to lay importance on integrating a habit of cleaning daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. It’s a matter of knowing what comes first so you won’t get piled up on what to clean. That’s all for today and I hope you find this article helpful. let me know what you think on the comments below, you can also contact me here, and let me know what other stuff you would like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉



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