Home-based Business Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

Home-based Business Ideas

Been thinking a lot lately on how else can I gain income besides from my regular job. I have lots of ideas like baking, crafting, doing school papers or even a style consultant. There are a lot out there but I’m not sure on how to market my business. Perhaps I may really need to consult an expert. I’ve researched home-based jobs that you can actually operate when you are at the comfort of your own home. Below are what I found on the internet.
Home-based Business Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

1. Blogging

Creating a useful content on  a website can actually generate you income. But I can personally say that it’s not that easy. Everything you need maybe on the internet but it takes good research and understanding on how a blog works. You also need to shell out money too. Like my blog, I’m using wordpress but I pay godaddy.com on a yearly basis to maintain a my domain and etc. My target is to get approved for Google Ad Sense. This is a good home-based business if you are eager

2. Home-based Freelance Writing

You can be a home-based freelance writer. You can provide content for a magazine or different publications. I’ve tried to do freelance writing on essays.ph . This is an online freelance writing community where you can choose a topic, do a research and write about it. Once approved then you get to earn money. It can go as low as 80 pesos and as high as 2,000 pesos. Depending on the project.

3. Selling Products Online

You need to decide what to sell. Identify your target audience or market. Build your online store. Could be in Instagram, Facebook page or your own website. Then advertise your store. What to sell? perhaps if you have talent in crafting, baking or cooking. You can try to pick up from those talent of  yours.

4. Food Delivery

Nowadays, people have limited time to prepare their food and prefer to eat in fast-food chains instead. But most of these people still longs for home cooked meals (a.k.a. baon). Ensure you have a good food storage, paper bag and utensils, plus a trusty person who can deliver food.

5. Buy & Sell

If you are the type of person who has an eye for spotting value, know where to find cheap goods and has the ability to negotiate. Then this home-based kind of business is right for you. You can try buying stuff online like on eBay, Lazada or AliExpress. Then up to you how to make it profitable.

6. Building Websites

Now this takes talent or at least knowing a lot about this field. A lot of companies or business owners prefers to have their own website to market their business. If you have the talent in building websites, then you can readily start of this home-based business by marketing your talent online through friends and social media.

7. Day Care Center

You can make this home-based if you have an extra space in your home that you can convert into a day care center. A lot of people nowadays are working parents (like both mother and father) and sometimes, nannies (or yaya) are not always available to take care of the children. And a Day care Center is a nice solution that you can provide to these working parents. You can create a caring and friendly atmosphere for children where these parents can be confident to leave their child to be taken care of.

8. English Tutoring

Philippines is widely known to have great command and proficiency of the English language. This is a good home-based business especially if you’re the type who’s organized, sympathetic and patient and of course proficient in English language. Your most common market here are the Koreans and Japanese.

9. Computer Repairing

People depend on computers for their livelihood and fortunately (for those who are computer savvy or expert) they don’t know how to troubleshoot. If you have computer troubleshooting talent, this is a recommended home-based business for you.

10. Personal Services

Personal services such as personal stylist, personal shopper, personal workout trainer, or even personal accountant. Anything that you have expertise on can be a small business. Mostly the market for this kind of business are for the rich (and that’s honestly speaking.)

Are you willing to try any of these? Please share your ideas by leaving your comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave any requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Please feel free to share this blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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