The Food That I Hated So Much During Pregnancy- By NadineAmanduh

The Food That I Hated So Much During Pregnancy

Before getting pregnant (for the second time), I have no issue with eating at fast food. I’m not that choosy but I really don’t eat pork.

But during my second pregnancy I was so surprised that I hated this particular food so much. Just the sight of it… Ugh. I’m really sorry.

But it’s Jollibee Chicken Joy. Even the smell of it, It just makes me sa nauseous. I can literally smell it several feet away from me and my mood would just go haywire.

I was actually looking forward to a happy and carefree pregnancy like my first one (a girl, she’s now 12 years old) . No particular cravings and no hating on anything or everything. I guess every pregnancy has different experiences.

Now I have already given birth to my cute and chunky boy, I’m  calm and cool now with Jollibee Chicken Joy. I love it spicy with hot sauce, leg or thigh part.

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PS Please don’t kill me Jollibee. All good now.

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