How To Handle Mess At Work Like A Lady Boss - By NadineAmanduh

Handle Mess At Work Like A Lady Boss

It will not always be a smooth sailing day at work. All of us have tasks to meet within the day or week, like deliverables, following up reports from people and etc. all depending on what kind of work we have.

How To Handle Mess At Work Like A Lady Boss - By NadineAmanduh

We may follow a routine during our work week but still encounter failures. We just sometimes simply mess up. And it’s totally ok! It’s a human thing. You might be a rookie at your job or tenured, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from making a mistake.


I personally mess up at work. I don’t whine about it but I feel completely guilty for the failure I’ve done. But I know how to move on. So how do to handle mess at work (like a Lady Boss)? Here’s how:

1. Do not make excuses. Just apologize

Mess up could mean failing to meet your deadline, unable to complete a specific task or something like a technical difficulty. Of course you feel terrible or guilty about it but you have to accept and own up to your failure. Remember that making excuses wouldn’t remedy your mistake. Express your apology nicely and ensure moving forward it won’t happen again. That’s it.

2. Accept the consequences and fix it

Every mistake or failure ends up having consequences left behind. You just have to face it but it shouldn’t stop you from fixing things. Accept that you did not intentionally mess up because its your name and work quality that is at stake. Focusing on what you did wrong wouldn’t help. Instead, do whatever is possible to fix your failure.

How To Handle Mess At Work Like A Lady Boss - By NadineAmanduh

3.Limit sharing your mess with other people at work

It is not okay to share your mess up with other people especially with people at work. You wouldn’t want to be the topic of office gossip. Gossip in all aspects is unpreventable because you have no control of what orher people think. But what you have control is the number of people whom you can share it with. You should be able to share it with people who can help you out fix your mess. Do not vent your failures on people who cannot help you.

Quotes To Live By | How To Handle Mess At Work - By Nadineamanduh

4. Learn from your failure and Move on

Once your done with steps one, two and three. Do not regret and learn from your failure and move on. Your failure will sometimes expand your knowledge and build proper connections in the office. Don’t get stuck with the same incident because you failed to pay attention along the way on how to resolve your mess. Every failure amounts to a lesson and you should take note of those learning to prevent the same mistake from happening all over again.

And that’s how to handle your failure at work like a lady boss. Own up to your mistakes and take action. Does this article help? Leave your comments below, or you can contact me here and let me know what else you would want to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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