How To Pack Your Handbag The Right Away - By NadineAmanduh

How To Pack Your Handbag The Right Way

So how to pack your handbag the right way? When I pack for a trip I make sure that I have my own essentials, makeup, pharmaceuticals, and cables (eg. charger, earphones, usb cables and etc.) especially on an overnight stay or a few days staycation.

How To Pack Your Handbag The Right Away - By NadineAmanduh

Those 4 sets of must-haves can already fit into one handbag. Personally, I have each set on a pouch. As shown below (FYI: those are not my actual pouches but it pretty much sums up what I meant)

Essentials. Light is the right way. I make sure I have a pocket sized wipes. If you’re in the Philippines this is readily available at Watson’s. I ensure I also have my baby oil (I use drops of it on wipes and use it as a makeup remover). A pocket sized alcohol or hand sanitizer is a must. My moisturizer <3
Here’s a hack: I use a contact lens container to store my moisturizer and sun block on the other side 😉 So those are the basics. If I feel like it, I include a toner and body spay or perfume. Key note: Everything in it pocket-sized.

Makeup. This! I can’t leave the house without. I don’t spend too much on makeup nowadays. Just enough to cover the basics like face powder/foundation, lip balm, lipstick, blush, eye shadow palette, mascara and bronzer (because contour is LIFE). If I’m not feeling lazy I bring my makeup brushes with me on a separate pouch. So those are enough makeup to last a day or overnight or short staycations.

Pharmaceuticals. Sounds very PRO! I prefer having a transparent pouch for this so I can easily see my meds. In this pouch I make sure I have 2 to 4 pieces of each meds like paracetamol, anti-emetic, anti-LBM (on those urgent days), antihistamine of course (I get occasional allergies) and I also bring my inhaler (I get occasional asthma). It’s also good if you store your vitamins, an eye drop (you wouldn’t know when you might need it), and vicks vapor rub lol! Personally, I have a very small efficacent oil. It helps on those feeling sick days.

Cables. Of course we wouldn’t want to ran out of battery on our mobile phones. A charger is a must-have, ear phones as well (when you wanted to listen to music / watch a video without disturbing anyone), a power bank (power sockets are not always readily available), an extra USB cable (for charging my power bank and whoever needs it).

So those are pretty much what my handbag have to last a day or a few days. Take note, I haven’t discussed the other bag for the few days part (perhaps on another blog post). And don’t forget your wallet with cash, change, cards and IDs in it.

What tips do you have for packing your handbag?
Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too!
Thanks for reading! 😉

Photos by: NadineAmanduh

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