Guidea To Disguise Bad Hair Days - By NadineAmanduh

Tuesday Top 3: Guides to disguise bad hair days

Hair is said to be the crowning glory. And it depends for some people how they want it to be. Like for some us girls we prefer our mane to be short, even shorter than a bob cut, medium-length, or even long. Another thing is we’ve got different types such as straight, wavy, and curly.

Guidea To Disguise Bad Hair Days - By NadineAmanduh

As for me, I have naturally straight black locks which is in between medium-length and long. And it’s never easy for me to maintain and style it all the time. Honestly I rarely comb it when I just showered or when I get up in the morning.

img_0110No matter what length or what type your crowning glory is, we can’t escape our Bad Hair Days. It’s a disaster on a daily basis especially when you go to work or to your school. We don’t have to look glamorous but at least we want to look presentable right? 🙂

So I have gathered for you guys some guides on how to disguise your bad-hair-days.

Tuesday Top 3: Guides to disguise bad hair days.

1. Use a thick headband or scarf.
I personally recommend this one for all hair-types and in any length. Why thick headband or scarf? Because it covers a large portion at the top of your head. It hides most of your frizz with style.

TIP: You can apply hair serum before doing this. What I also do is that I squirt a thumbnail size pf conditioner on my palm and mix it with water and apply it on to somehow control the frizz.

2. Super side-swept.
For this one I’m not a hundred percent sure if it suits for all hair types especially for the short ones with really layered bangs. This works well if your bangs is long enough to tuck in the side of your ear. You can do this by just adding a few millimeters away from your usual hair parting. For example your hair is parted on the left, then you move it little more to the left making it more thick. Apply hair lotion or serum and secure it with bobby pins. You’re all set!

3. Low sleek ponytail.
Last but not least is something really typical but never goes out of style is a low and sleek ponytail. Pretty much this works with medium-length. I recommend that you retain how your mane is originally parted. For example this time its parted on the middle, then apply your hair serum or lotion just enough to give definition and then tie your mane in a low and tight pony tail. Once it’s secure, grab the upper part of the ponytail at least 2 fingers thick and pull it upwards to give it a slight volume.

You may also apply hair serum or lotion on your ponytail. Or you can also do my trick wherein I mix a tiny amount of hair conditioner with water. Works really well.

TIP: Complete the look with a large pair of earrings. All set! 🙂

And guys, there you have it! Bad-hair-days can be perfectly disguised! Sometimes I do a combination of the super side-swept  and a low sleek ponytail for a more classy and sophisticated look. I do not recommend to put products such as spray, mousse, or even gel it’s because it holds the hair together but doesn’t totally control the frizz that much. It’s because your frizzyhair is already dry and it’s best to use product to moisturize it instead.

I hope you liked what I shared on this blog for today.

What tips do you have for your bad-hair-days?
Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too!
Thanks for reading! 😉

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