Five Friday Faves: Hair-care products

Five Friday Faves: Hair-care products

For the majority of my whole existence I can’t count anymore how many times I’ve changed my hair shampoo. I never really had a major favorite. And as most of beauty magazines advice is to change your shampoo at least every 3 months. As for me, as long as the shampoo smells good, has lotsa bubbles and washes my hair, that’s total hair-care for me.But my hair-care doesn’t stop from washing my hair. I want to share with you guys my five favorite hair care products (mostly hair conditioning products) on today’s blog.

Five Friday Faves: Hair-care products - By NadineAmanduh

Five Friday Faves: Hair-care products.

1. L’oreal Total Repair Hair Mask
Honestly, my hair is totally damaged from the sun and from several hair coloring that I’ve done in the past. I kept on trying several hair masks that I usually see in the department store or drug store but I didn’t feel it’s doing any good besides as a hair conditioner. So I stumbled upon this L’oreal Total Repair Hair Mask. It feels good on my hair (smells good too) and it’s consistency is very thick and when I rinse my hair it does feel different from your usual conditioner.

Even if my hair is already dry, the roughness and frizziness lessened. The major content of this hair mask is ceramide and I personally think this is the particular content that makes it different from all other hair mask. I highly recommend it especially if you like to color your hair a lot and even for those who have virgin hair. Youbneed to treat it with some TLC at least once or twice a week with this hair mask.

2. Pantene 3-minute Miracle Conditioner
Now this! I use on a regular basis. The consistency of this conditioner is thicker than your usual conditioners but less thick than a hair mask. It just feels so creamy and relaxing on my hair during shower and even if I blow dry my hair or just towel dry it and not comb it. It doesn’t get tangled and it’s less frizzy. So I personally recommend this one if you don’t spend too much on hair conditioners coz it’s affordable too.

3. Herbal Essences conditioner
The one on the photo is in Hello Hydration. But I prefer all of the variations of Herbal Essences conditioners. Though I admit it doesn’t conditions as much as the Pantene 3-minute miracle but I’m really in love with its scent. Most of their conditioners smell like botanical or sometimes fresh and slightly fruity. I recommend this for spa-feels while in the shower. Very relaxing!

4. GIGA Nature’s Therapy Hair Treatment
I’m not even sure if I’m going to consider this one as a hair mask because most of the hair masks are the ones that you use while your hair is still wet. This one is a hair treatment that you apply while your hair is dry. I love it because it’s all natural. It contains virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, peppermint, patchouli and lavender.

I love anything that is minty. I advise that you wrap your hair with a plastic wrap and leave it more than 20 minutes on your hair and shower away and rinse well with shampoo. It leaves your hair smooth, less frizzy and for me it felt like it has more volume. Buy it here.

5. Vitress Hair cuticle coat
If I’m in the mood for a sleek look or I simply want to tame my locks, I use Vitress Hair cuticle coat. At first I really don’t know what it’s for and I’m a bit hesitant to use it because I’m thinking that my hair might look oily but I was wrong! It actually tames the frizz and it gives it a fresh-looking shine or rather a healthy-looking shine.

TIP: I also put a half pea-sized amount of Vitress on the lower part of my hair so my pony tail looks neat underneath too. And also a few on the sides near the ears will do.

There you have it! Those are my five favorite hair care products that I have tried and tested and until now I’m still using at least three of those.

What hair-care favorites do you use?Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉

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