How To Set & Accomplish Goals - By NadineAmanduh

Goals: How To Properly Set And Accomplish Them

Goals (or goal) are usually defined as our desired outcome of what we wanted to achieve or what we are currently envisioning or planning. Basically a positive result of what we’re planning. Today I want to share to you on how to properly achieve your goals. Read away 🙂

How To Set And Accomplis Your Goals - By NadineAmanduh

Goals: How To Properly Achieve Them - By NadineAmanduh

1.Make your goals SMART to SMARTER

The SMART way (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) to achieve your goals is way to outdated. Setting goals is always easy but achieving them is never easy and that’s why its better to apply SMART in setting your goals but make it SMARTER (adding Estimated and Retainable).

First, your goal has to be really specific. For example you wanted to  save 30% from your upcoming salary. Next is how do you measure the success from it? How long is it going to take you to achieve that? Attainable. Ensure that you eliminate the obstacles (identify them). Next is you have to ask yourself if your goals are realistic? Like you wanted to buy a brand new car in 3 months (snap back to reality). Weight the possibilities. Also, set a due date for your goals. This is how you make it Time-bound.

So how do we estimate and retain it? Now that you know how to apply the SMART way, you’re on the right track to make your goals SMARTER. YOu already have a timeline. Can you estimate how many of them can you achieve during that timeline? Let’s say you have 3 goals (eg. Saving 30% from your salary, be able to do general cleaning in your house, and buy this book you’ve been eyeing for weeks). Now its time for you to retain those 3 goals that you estimated within the timeline that you have set. Make sense?

2.Write Them Down & Break It Down

With the technology being so fast paced, apps being available for almost everything that you do. Sometimes we get lazy to write down notes. But I still strongly suggest writing down your goals. It’s like the concept when you’re studying during high school and college. But at this point you’re your own teacher. Not only  you need to write them down, analyze them. Jot down your worries and breakdown per category so it won’t overwhelm you.

How To Set And Accomplis Your Goals - By NadineAmanduh

Another thought is that you might want to think if by achieving your goals, will it compromise your values? Would you like to share them with a few people? Are those people can help you? I mentioned about obstacles earlier. I suggest write them down to and how you’re going to eliminate them. 🙂

3.Be Accountable With & Don’t Lose Focus

Once you’ve planned it all out. Take ownership of your goals (seriously). Handle them like it’s one of your huge responsibilities. Be accountable with each actions that you take. At this stage, this is where your values come in. Being accountable with your own goals means if something bad happens along the way, you don’t look for others to blame. But instead you take full responsibility and move forward on what you can do better.

Don’t lose your focus. You might get so focused on the outcome that you envision that in the process you forget to carefully execute the steps that are needed during the timeline that you’ve set for your goals. Remember, there are steps towards your goal and you need to focus on them too.

4.Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself

Reward yourself as you reach a specific milestone. The reward doesn’t necessarily need to come last and doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Think of something as simple scheduling a pamper time, treating yourself to a good restaurant, or buying something for yourself that you’ve always felt guilty to purchase. But of course limit it. You are rewarding yourself to motivate yourself even more.

Have you set your goals recently? Would love to know more how you accomplish them. Leave your comments below and share this blog if you liked this article. You can contact me here too, and let me know what posts would you like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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