How To Get Flawless Lashes - By NadineAmanduh

How To Get Flawless Lashes

Besides focusing on eyebrows when doing makeup. It is a must to pay extra attention when putting mascara on thy lashes. I’m self-confessed that I always always mess up my mascara. It usually gets into my eyelids or under my eyes and the ever typical problem: the clumps.

How To Get Flawless Lashes

That being said, I’ve come up with my proven ways on how to get neatly done eyelashes or should I say flawless lashes.

Quick Guide: Flawless Lashes - By NadineAmanduh


Curl your eyelashes and make sure that your  curler is not damaged. Especially the rubber part where you primp your lashes. In the event the rubber gets torn resulting for the eyelashes to get stuck in there.

DO: When pulling out the wand of your mascara, remove the excess mascara by twisting it upwards or leaving the excess on the inner tube of your mascara. This prevents your eyelashes from clumping due to excess mascara.

DO: Look straight. Not upwards. Not downwards. When applying mascara. It is better rather than looking upwards. I noticed that’s always the time that I accidentally put mascara on my eyelids.

DO: Have an eye lash comb/brush ready while applying mascara. What I do is I comb my eyelashes after a few swipes to prevent it from (again) clumping. I also comb my eye lashes while its still on the eye lash curler.

Quick Guide: Flawless Lashes - By NadineAmanduh

ever. EVER curl your eye lashes right after applying your mascara. Worst case is that your eye lashes might stick on the curler and rip your lashes off when you remove your eye lash curler. (Yep. It can happen)

DON’T: Heat your eye lash curler with a blower. I know that you’ve read it several times on different websites but I strongly suggest No. I’ve done this before and I end up slightly burning the sides of my outer eye and eye lid. Always remember that the skin around the eyes are the most sensitive ones so be extra careful with it. Just curl it for a few minutes repetitively will do the trick.

DON’T: Dust powder on your eye lashes before putting on your mascara. Applying powder on your eyelashes before mascara is a beauty myth. I’ve tried it several times and it seems that if you apply powder first, then your mascara, it doesn’t really add volume to your lashes but it adds factor to the clumping.

DON’T: Forget to apply mascara on your lower lash lines. Those mini hairs on your lower eye lids needs some accentuating too. It enhances the shape of your eyes.


Those are my DOs and DONTs in having flawless eyelashes. Your eye lashes doesn’t have to be really thick and long for you to love it as long as you know how to manage it, you can manage all throughout the day!

How do you get flawless lashes?
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