Genius Beauty Hacks That You Need To Try - By NadineAmanduh

Genius Beauty Hacks That You Need To Try

Before, the word hack has always something to do with unauthorized computer or internet invading. But now hack is commonly used now in social media defined as a technique. Like those of life hacks, organizing hacks, and even beauty hacks. On today’s blog I compiled Beauty hacks I’ve found on the internet. Dare to try them 🙂

Genius Beauty Hacks That You Need To Try - By  NadineAmanduh


Beauty Hack 1: 

Lip scrub

This is one of the simplest beauty hacks. All you need is a very small container, petroleum jelly, white sugar and food coloring (optional). Just mix all of these three on the small container and you have your own lip scrub. Easy breezy! Sugar is preferred than salt because its texture is rounded than salt and causes less abrasion.

Beauty Hack 2:

Long Lasting Perfume

One of those very basic hacks to make perfume lasts longer. You may have read before to apply lotion like in your neck, at the back of the ear and pulse points. then spray your favorite perfume there. Yes it does last. But not as long as unscented body butter. Body butter is more thick and concentrated so it will make your perfume lasts longer. Guaranteed!

Beauty Hack 3:

Perfect Beauty Blender Storage

Who would’ve thought? This is one of the best makeup storage hacks: Plastic Easter Eggs! I personally just have my beauty blender lying around the dresser or if I need to take i with me I place it on a small ziplock. Behold the perfect beauty blender storage.

Beauty Hack 4:

Prolong Mascara Life

Do you notice that sometimes your mascara dries up even if it’s perfectly sealed? You can now prolong the life minus the dryness of your mascara with one of these beauty hacks. All you need is your Mascara, Contact lens solution, and a cup of hot water. 3 drops of your contact lens solution should do it then soak your closed mascara tube in a hot cup of water. Leave if for 15 minutes. It should improve the texture of the mascara. 🙂

Genius Beauty Hacks That You Need To Try - By  NadineAmanduh

Beauty Hack 5:

Instant and Long lasting Mermaid Hair Waves

All you have to do is part your hair in 3 sections horizontally. On each horizontal section, part them into 3 or 4 sections. Braid each section and tie the end with an elastic band. Once all of your hair is braided, sprit some hairspray on each braid. You can also use hair mousse. Let it dry for a minute. Using a hair straightening iron, start ironing each braid. After ironing, remove the braids and you should achieve that beautiful mermaid hair waves. TIP: After untangling your braids, dab some hair wax in your palms and rub them. Then squeeze your hair with it. This should make the waves last longer. 🙂

Beauty Hack 6: (one of my best hacks)

Tiny Travel Size Essentials

If you’re the type of gal who’s always traveling and always takes her essentials during travel. Then this is one of the simplest beauty + travel hacks just for you. And I personally do this. I used those empty contact lens container to store my moisturizer, facial wash and even toner. Just enough to last for a day or 2. You’ll be surprised how much space it will save you. You can also use this to store your toothpaste, creams or ointments.

Beauty Hack 7:

Instant MakeUp Remover

This is my lazy lady hack when it comes to removing makeup. You just need the following: Baby wipes and baby oil. What I do is I just drop baby oil on each corners of the baby wipes then wipe away in my face. Plain baby wipes really doesn’t do the trick believe me. I sometimes even put drop of toner for that extra anti bacterial thing.

Have you tried some of these beauty hacks? I would love to read your comments below, or you can also reach me privately here. Be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Thanks for reading! 😉

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