Forever 21 Lippies Blog Review - By NadineAmanduh


What’s up everyone?! As promised on the previous vlog that I made about Forever 21 lippies, I’ll be posting a more detailed blog review about it. FACT: Forever 21 is well-known for their clothing apparel and not for their cosmetics (and there’s no need to establish that I guess).

Forever 21 Lippies Blog Review - By NadineAmanduh

FYI to all readers, the Forever 21 lippies that I bought here in the Philippines are actually made from our neighboring countries like in China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
SO, the first that I tried on the vlog was the  LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy. I highly suggest that if you’re going to wear liquid lipstick on you must double the duty by applying a lip liner first. This will accentuate the lip color and it’s easier for you to swipe since you have a guide to trace your liquid lipstick especially if you’re not really used to liquid ones.
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy) This lip gloss stain is very easy to swipe. It feels a bit sticky, like honey on your lips but it actually looks really good as long as you don’t overdo it. Preferably I like swiping it on my inner lips only and have the lip liner do the rest.It’s not too cherry-red-shiny.

I DO recommend it if you have night outs with the girls. I do not recommend it if you have a lot of eating and drinking to do the whole day (for example at work) it stains almost everything and you have repetitive touch ups to do the whole day.
2nd that I tried on the vlog is the LOVE & BEAUTY Matte Crème Lip Color in Pink Rose. Like what I mentioned on the video, I’m not really into bright pink shades. By the way on this vlog I remove my lipstick using a paper towel with a drop of baby oil (very convenient!) Be sure that there are no left over stains of the other lipstick that I tried and at the same time it’s moisturized (mwah!)
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Matte Crème Lip Color in Pink Rose) I personally call it “Nicki Pink” because it’s Nicki Minaj who first came across my mind when it comes to bright or neon pink lippies. This one is actually matte in finish but feels creamy. I recommend it for day time use. If you want to wear it at night, pair it with a dark eye shadow or with a thick winged eye liner. I DO NOT recommend it if you think your teeth is slightly yellowish and you’re going out on a date (yeah honestly).
Next is the Forever 21 LOVE & BEAUTY Lips Amour in Brillant À Lèvres. Same drill, I applied a red lip liner prior to swiping this liquid lipstick on.
(Wearing LOVE & BEAUTY Lips Amour in Brillant À Lèvres) I honestly think that this one the exact  same shade as Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy.  They’re just in a very different packaging. The texture is exactly the same. At a closer look while making the vlog, I noticed that this one has a slight touch of pink. Having said. This exactly means I have the same recommendations like the LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss Stain in Burgundy. 
Lastly, the Forever 21 LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss in Maple. This one appears to have micro-glitters when you look at it. It’s close to colorless gloss but with shimmer. On the vlog I applied it directly on my lips. But I think it would look better if I have applied a lipstick first. In colors such as nude pink, copper, beige or freckletone ( the Mac one).
(Wearing Forever 21 LOVE & BEAUTY Lip Gloss in Maple) at first I think it will look very pale on me but good think it didn’t. I suggest that you put on blush that is peachy in color. It looks more natural (perhaps depending on your skin tone).

If you want to use it at night, Use bronzer slightly on the cheeks. Followed with a copper shade to darker shades on your eye shadow and swipe it with a liquid eyeliner.
Forever 21 Lippies Blog Review
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