First Blog Post – Need Suggestions

This will be my first ever post for this blog to get myself familiarized with wordpress since I’ve been using a different site for my previous blogging hobbies. This website will be focusing on product reviews (beauty product reviews actually).

First Blog Post - Need Suggestions

Building A Beauty Blog

I will be posting in this blog my all personal opinions on the products that I have used before and will be using. Since I’m  a newbie, I’m very open with your suggestions guys so I can improve my beauty blogging.

Attempting to Vlog

I’ll be vlogging as well via my YouTube channel. Will post all the details soon including my social media websites so I can interact with you guys. I’m basically in the learning curve with this new found interest and will pretty much keep this website updated.

Blog inspirations

My inspirations are:




(perhaps a lot more that I can’t recall)

More about me

Born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. Mom to Mischca, Bailey (the cat) and one more bundle of joy on the way. Currently working as an Administrative Assistant in the BPO industry and been enthused of blogging since high school (blogspot days lol). She have innate creative skills in almost everything like drawing and painting. Since technology have been very fast paced, you can add up graphic designing (with any possible tools you can) and video editing as part of her interests as well.


I have 5 menus on the top of this blog. Home will always lead you to the main page. Categories will display all categories page  when you click it right away, just hover your moise pointer onto Categories to reveal the categories as a list. Contact will lead you to a page with a form to easily get in touch with me. About will lead you to a page about me. And lastly Privacy and Disclosure shows the privacy and disclosure policy of my website.

On my website’s side bar shows under Stay Connected the social media links. Next is a link to my Facebook page. Then an advertising space. Followed by the Archives option that can be selected through a drop down. Next to it is an ad I created to get a 15% discount from Zalora Philippines. Next is an email subscription to this website. And an instagram feed showing 9 current posts. last is one of my first makeup vlogs on Youtube.

i’m open for suggestions and collaborations. Let me know in the comments below or you can contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any post you’d like to read here on my website too! Please feel free to share this article. Thanks for reading! 😉

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