How To Find Happiness In An Unhappy Situation - By NadineAmanduh

How To Find Happiness In An Unhappy Situation

Sometimes… Well or most of the time, life puts you in such a wretched circumstances, and it can seem to be really depressing, dark, and it feels like your heart is sinking. Life can be such a melodramatic situation. Yep! Life ain’t easy, but we need to find happiness in whatever situation given. So what are those conditions that makes us unhappy?

How To Find Happiness In An Unhappy Situation - By NadineAmanduh

Some examples are:

-You’re experiencing extreme stress from work
-Your financial situation is a mess
-You lost a loved one
-You received bad news
-Your partner has broken up with you
-Someone has hurt you emotionally
-You were humiliated
-You’re a topic of a major gossip

And a lot more! These are just a few of the situations that can make you really feel terrible and it is indeed difficult to find happiness. You want your mind a body to relax, wondering how to make things better. You sometimes find yourself along and lonely recalling how bad things are.

Accept This: You Will Always Find Yourself In An Unhappy Situation

Some things in our life will be out of our control. And it is not all the time that we can remedy these condition, or at least not instantly. But it doesn’t really mean you can never find happiness somewhere while being stuck in such a miserable situation.

Happiness Is Still Possible

How To Find Happiness In An Unhappy Situation - By NadineAmanduh

It’s Ok to be miserable

When we are in pain, feeling terrible, feeling exhausted… The most usual thing that we want to do is to get away from that situation. It’s human thing to do. The mindset of wanting to remove ourselves from that miserable situation where there’s not total happiness at all. Well in fact, wanting to get away from the miserable state doesn’t make it any better. Why? You must realize that the more you get away from it the more it extends the agony, making complications worse. So what do you do? Accept that it’s ok to be in this miserable situation (It’s not the end of the world dude!) It’s fine to feel sad or hurt. Allow yourself to fully grasp this fact and feel it. Then you’ll realize that you are healing. Slowly… But surely.

Discovery gratefulness anywhere

What is there to be grateful for? The fact that you are alive and breathing. That’s initial. Find thankfulness even in small things. A good weather, food and shelter, family and friends. There is actually a lot. Let us not take things for granted. Being capable to do all the things that you can do. Being able to build and maintain relationships that you have right now. You can definitely find gratitude for any of these things that I mentioned at any time. Today, find three happy things to be grateful for. Make it a daily habit. You’ll see the positivity and happiness it will bring you. I have a good read here: How To Discover Yourself, that can help you further.

Being hurt is a sign of being alive

Find it weird? Believe me it’s not. Remember that life isn’t about avoiding difficult situations and being numb. Being alive means feeling sad, feeling fear, feeling disconnected to reality sometimes. It’s a human thing don’t worry. If you’re feeling pessimistic about everything. That’s normal, but the thing is you must not allow yourself to feel that way for such a long time. It’s ok to sulk. But give yourself a short timeline for this, ok? 😉

Happiness is always out there

There are a lot of things to keep you happy in this life. Don’t make a huge percentage of your day making yourself feel miserable. Go out. Take a walk, enjoy the weather, catch up with your friends. Enjoy a meal at a new restaurant, read a book. Attend a concert, cook for yourself. Just simple survive life. You can find this post very helpful: Lifestyle Changes For  A Better Living. It’s life changing and it should make you feel better. 🙂

Quotes about happiness

I hope this post made you somehow find happiness. Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below, or you can contact me here, and let me know what else would you like to read on this website. If you like this post please share it on your social media accounts. Thanks for reading! 😉

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