How To Find The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

On today’s blog I’m going to share a guest post on how you can find the best hair color for your skin tone. A lot of us doesn’t really pay attention on our skin tone when it comes to choosing the best hair color that suits you. This article might be able to help you.

Hair coloring is a very tricky task. It brings a major change in your looks and in your personality. While coloring your hair the selection of the color is the most difficult thing. People are always confused while choosing the hair color for them.

Every color is not suitable for you. You have to choose wisely that which color you should apply to your hair. You should apply that color to your hair which complements in the best manner to your skin tone.

Hair coloring either give you the most beautiful and captivating look or make you look worst. It all depends on your color choice. Therefore, you should select hair color for you sagaciously. Some of the tips for choosing the perfect hair color for you are as follows.

Finding The Best Hair Color For Your Skintone

Deep Undertone

One should definitely choose the hair color according to their skin tone. People with dark and deep skin tone who usually have dark brown and black eyes should go for bright and vibrant colors. This will make them look phenomenal and outstanding.

The darker your skin tone is the more perfectly you can pull off intense and bright colors. Dark, bright, exotic and intense colors like purple, red, green, burgundy and many other intense colors look ravishing on the people with dark undertones.

Therefore, if you have dark skin tone then you should go for bright and intense colors.

Warm Undertone

If you have warm undertone like your skin color is neither too light nor too dark then you should color your hair copper red, rust, butterscotch, strawberry, golden blonde and other colors like them.

You can identify your skin tone by watching your veins of the hand. If you veins appear greenish then you have warm skin tone and all the colors mentioned above will look outstanding on you.

Therefore, people with warm undertone should go for copper red and rusty colors. This will make them look beautiful and phenomenal.

Cool Undertone

People with medium skin and cool undertone can pull off any color. They have the advantage of experimenting new and latest colors on the hair.

If you have cool undertone then you can apply subtle and shiny colors on your hair. The people with cool undertones can apply different colors to their hair.

If you are going for an intense color then you should apply standard face mask and beautiful makeup on your face in order to look beautiful and ravishing.

Medium Skin Warm Undertone

If you have medium skin with warm undertone then you should go for pale and blonde colors.

People with medium skin with warm undertone usually have gold complexion and the application of the lighter, blonde and subtle colors on the hair will enhance their gold complexion and give them captivating and alluring look.

Olive Skin

People with olive skin and cool undertone have a fair complexion. They should go for dark, brunette, reddish-browns and cinnamon colors.

It will enhance their complexion and make them look beautiful and extravagant.

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