BathRoom Interiors and Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas

Weekend is here or is about to end in my case and to spend my downtime I usually browse through social media and been getting to know more how pinterest works (yes just now). Been pinning some bathroom interiors and ideas that I wanted to share here on today’s blog.


BathRoom Interiors and Ideas - By NadineAmanduh

Compact cabinets

These design idea is great if you really have a small bathroom.There are two cabinets show on the photo below  as you can see the toilet and the sink just near to each other. Another functional thing in this bathroom is the mounted towel rack on the left which really saves space.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Compact Cabinets

Hidden cabinets

These are more likely located in a small corner in the bathroom like in this picture its on the edge where the bath tub is located. You can maximize the space of this hidden cabinet from top to bottom since its designed very spacious vertically.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Hidden Cabinets

Long Opened Cabinets And Drawers

Common to the long hidden cabinets earlier, this long opened cabinet bathroom idea is another space saver. I think this idea both works for both small and large bathrooms. The thing is, these cabinet is designed with no doors. You can easily view your bathroom stuff there. You can use plastic containers or baskets to make it more organized. Also do not forget to utilize the space under your sink. You can just have a small drawer underneath your sink since you already have your long opened cabinets.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Long Opened Cabinets And Drawer

Mounted Furniture Holder

This bathroom idea I think works best for medium to large bathrooms. It functions better on a spacious wall where you can put your towels, tissues and other toiletries in it. Plus if you’re feeling extra creative you may want to your bathroom fresheners or scented candles on it too. A small furniture works too.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Mounted Furniture Holder

Open Shelves and Ladder Shelves

Open Shelves doesn’t only work in your living room and kitchen but it also works best in your bathroom. As long as it not too huge, it should save you more space. While the ladder shelves also does the same trick. It saves you space and eliminates the need for a cabinet. You can put all of your bathroom stuff and other toiletries on this ladder shelves. You may opt on using plastic containers and baskets too, for a more organized look.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Open Shelves And Ladder Shelves

Drawer Underneath The Bathroom Sink

This a common recommendation for your bathroom. Common but it does save space. The picture below looks pretty expensive with the lights, sliding storage and unique looking drawer. But it is best to have a custom-made drawer underneath your sink. You can rarely find a drawer at the furniture store to fit underneath your sink.

My Favorite Bathroom Interiors And Ideas - Drawer Underneath The Sink

More Design That I Love Below…

What do you think of these ideas? I want to know what’s yours. Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Know more about me on this section. Thanks for reading! 😉

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