Facts About Freckles That You Should Know | By NadineAmanduh

Facts About Freckles That You Should Know

Freckles nowadays are considered as a beauty mark. Before in the beauty industry, people overdo it when covering freckles. Now, people with freckles just go all out proud with their freckled face. There are even makeup tutorials on creating faux freckles!

What are freckles?

Freckles are those small brown spots on your skin, often in areas that get sun exposure. It is usually harmless. It forms as a result of overproduction of melanin. Overall, freckles come from ultraviolet (UV) radiation stimulation.

Facts About Freckles That You Should Know | By NadineAmanduh

Laying it all down” Facts About Freckles

1. Freckles changes color based on exposure to sunlight. They get darker during summer and lighter during winter times.
2. There is another kind that doesn’t change color at all.
3. Freckles are genetic (known fact)

4. Freckles go together with light hair and skin.

5. Nobody is born with freckles. Even though its genetic. It only gets triggered by sun exposure since it encourages the creation of more pigment, resulting to F-R-E-C-K-L-E-S.
6. It also indicates how sensitive your skin is. More freckles = more sensitive skin and you’ve got a greater risk of skin cancer.


(Don’t worry it’s “risk”) But freckles themselves are NEVER cancerous.

6. They double as natural sunscreen. Yep! Freckles darkening your face makes the skin more resistant against UV rays. However, it’s never 100% UV proof so applying additional sunscreen on a daily basis is necessary.


Facts About Freckles That You Should Know | By NadineAmanduh Facts About Freckles That You Should Know | By NadineAmanduh

7.  Like fingerprints, you will not find two similar freckle patterns on two people. Each pattern is unique to every person.
8. Freckles are found in abundance on children. That’s why most people consider it cute on children. Freckles on children mostly has higher concentration than adults as they mature and go through stages of development. The melanin production becomes further constant and as the development ends and children grow into adults, the freckles become less prominent and visible.

With or without freckles this shouldn’t affect your perception on how beautiful a person is. AND… With or without freckles, sunscreen is always a must. What do you think of this blog post? Let me know on the comments section below. You can also reach me here. Thanks for reading! 😉

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