Hack: Most effective facial cleansing device

I wanted to make a short review on this amazing dupe that I bought online ( But before that I wanted to share this review that this famous YouTube Vlogger Kathleen Lights did comparing Foreo Luna 2 with the Solo Mio.

The Foreo cost $177 while the Solo Mio cost $47 as per Whoa! That is honestly too much for me. I wouldn’t want to deep dive the comparison between the two since I have my own product to review.

So how did I arrive in buying a silicone electric facial cleanser? Well, I’ve been looking for ways to help me cleanse my skin thoroughly since I haven’t been having appointments  at a facial care center, might as well ensure that I keep my skin super clean. At first I was thinking of purchasing an electronic facial brush (like the image below) but I’ve read some reviews that its too harsh on the skin since you can’t control the rotating brush and you may need to replace the brush every once in awhile.

Then I’ve come across some vlog reviews with electronic facial brushes versus the silicone ones. The most popular is the Foreo which comes in different colors and sizes. I just find it funny that each product has different descriptions but it just do the same thing. So I went to online stores to try to look for an alternative that does this same benefits. And behold ♥

It’s a Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush that I found in! And I bought this amazing dupe for only PHP 689 (about $13.78 in case you wonder). I believe it does the same benefits like those of Foreo and Solo Mio that are way too expensive! Now I’ve been using it for almost a month to cleanse my face. I also use the back side of it (It has larger ridges or brushes) on my body. The box includes the device itself and a cable charger.
I love this Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush because:

  • It’s cheap 🙂
  • Quality wise it works well
  • It’s rechargeable and ever since I got it I haven’t recharged it yet 🙂
  • It’s very handy. I always take it with me when I have long travels, overnight stays and vacations
  • It’s very easy to use. You just press the dent portion in between the – and + sign and that’s it 🙂
  • You can increase the pulsations by pressing the + sign
  • You can use it on your body too
  • And it really cleanses thoroughly
  • It’s very easy to maintain (in terms of cleaning)

I really really like this product because I can see that it cleanses well compare to your regular washing-your-face routine with your bare hands. Let me just share this, so after I remove my makeup with wipes. I wash my face with water, turn on my Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush and splash it with water and put my facial wash there and massage it all over my face. After a minute or 2 of washing I can see the residue on this product and I just easily put it in running water and let it air dry. That easy!

This is me holding the back portion of the Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

I personally use this as well to massage my face, especially on the under eye part coz its just so relaxing and on my neck too. I’m just happy with this product that I bought and it really does the job. If I were to rate this I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 🙂

Have you tried these products yoo?
Let me know in the comments below,and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too!
Thanks for reading! 😉

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