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Facial Serum vs Facial Oil – which is more beneficial

Facial serum versus facial oil. What really is the difference between these two? Which has more benefits? Can these 2 properties mix so we can get more benefits for our skin? On this post we drill down what these 2 popular beauty goodies really do to our skin.



Facial Serums are now considered a “must” in facial care routine because it helps in restoring or keeping your skin from aging, hyperpigmentation, and even breakouts. Serums come in a selection of different consistencies. From watery ones to gel-like ones.

Serums are formulated with ingredients that is capable of penetrating deep within the skin. The components in serums are molecularly small in order to reach the farthest layers of the epidermis. It is usually water-based. It usually includes elements like peptides, vitamins-rich antioxidants, or ingredients like glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients affect the function of the skin. For example, peptides increase collagen production. While hydroxy acids increases blood flow and prevents skin damage. Mainly, serums are meant to reach those deep skin layers that are harder to reach with moisturizers.


Facial Oils contributes nourishment and hydration to our skin. Facial oils commonly contain plant extracts and essential oils which provide the skin with lipids. Which helps to strengthen the moisture barrier and supports skin balance. Oils also aid to shield skin from damage which may lead to pimples and premature aging.

Facial Serum vs Facial Oil | By NadineAmanduh

Facial oils help increase moisture which is an ultimate part in keeping your skin healthy. Despite oil’s incapacity to penetrate the skin further, they still work well to provide essential ingredients that help to nourish the skin. Hydration keeps the skin healthy you know 😉

So what sets serum and oil apart?

The main difference between serums and oils is that oil contains small and large molecules which penetrates mostly the outermost layers of the skin. This makes facial oils as suitable as moisturizers rather than as serums. While serums has smaller molecules that easily absorbs into the skin.

From my experience, I have used both. The first time I used face serum, I wasn’t really satisfied because I don’t feel moisturized enough. But through research, I learned that it should really be that way for fast absorption. The first time I used face oil, I was clueless how to put it but it better works with the dropper. Few drops in your palm will do and spread it onto your face with your fingers. It’s actually a misconception that using face oil if you have oily skin makes you more oily. Which is not true, the more you dry out your skin, the more oil it produces. Proper hydration is key. 🙂 My verdict by the way, I love both products!

There’s more… What about hybrid products?

Nowadays, there are a lot of oil-based serums on the market which are a mix between the two products: oil and serum. These products claim to convey the concentrated components of a serum while deeply nurturing the skin comparable to oil.

Yes it is possible that if the concoction are formulated suitably then it can help to nourish the skin while sustaining it with concentrated additives. These hybrid products great for those who are considering to cut down their skin care routines.

If you’re busy at work, or even at home. Or just too lazy for those Korean five to ten steps skin care routine, you can grasp for a multi-tasking skin care product to give you an extra boost.

My thoughts… 

As for me, I like combining skin care products. I just feel like I’m getting more nourishment for my skin. I’ve been wanting to share that I’ve been working on a skin care line that nourishes the skin and is cruelty-free.

I’m getting close to letting go of my skin care products that I’ve been religiously using since high school and switch to a skin care product that is all natural, (again) cruelty-free and that are formulated for all skin types. Meaning whatever skin you’re in, these natural skin care products is suitable for you. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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