How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Images Through Pinterest - By NadineAmanduh

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Images Through Pinterest

So recently I’ve been discovering more ways from different websites on how to upload better photos on Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. And that’s what I’m going to share to you guys. Also, I tried Pinterest schedulers like Tailwind and Boardbooster. Both of these are available with free trial. Click the links to learn more.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Images Through Pinterest - By NadineAmanduh

But going back. I also learned that Pinterest is more of a search engine rather than a social media platform. So buh-bye to those hashtags that I’ve been using on the description of my pins. I actually am impressed how it drives traffic to your blog. By doing it the right way of course.

Before we move further, I want to let you know that I don’t have a very huge following on Pinterest but it’s the number one source of my blog trafficIt used to be Facebook because I’ve been promoting my blog on several posts. Yes it does drive traffic but it takes so much time and effort and I don’t want to give the impression that I’m spamming a lot! Right?

I’ve only been using Pinterest as a technique for less than a month. As you can see below. In the past 30 days, Facebook is still number one followed by Pinterest. I’m happy with this progress because my blog traffic grew *yeah but still not enough) But the fact that it came 2nd, whereas it was nowhere near the top 5 traffic drivers before.

Blog Referral Statistics

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Via Pinterest

To drive traffic to your blog via Pinterest, it takes more than a high-quality looking photo. The actual photo itself must not only be beautiful, but also strategic, and consistent. Why strategic? Your images should be large and very easy to read. AND… It must be vertical. Yep! I’ve been reading that on a lot of blogs and it actually helps and I have to admit it looks nicer to look at when uploaded on Pinterest.

Another tip, don’t forget to add you blog link under ‘website’ section and add ‘description’. This is how Pinterest search for your pin to make it “searchable” to the public.

Horizontal vs Vertical

If you will notice on my blog before, images are in all horizontal forms. When I learned about this Pinteresst techique to drive traffic, I have to convert all of my blog posts’ featured images and other additional images that came along with it. Imagine??? All! Thanks to Canva. Been using that for creating my Pinterest images.

So, why vertical works best? Because it appears larger. Remember, your image should be large and easy to read. Suggested image size in pixels for Pinterest is 800 x 1200.

Below are before (horizontal) and after (vertical) images that I both made. SO you have a clearer picture of what I’m talking about.

86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog - By NadineAmanduh

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog With Images Through Pinterest - Sample: 86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers - By NadineAmanduh

Here’s another one…

The Common Millenial: How Not To Be OneCommon Millenial: How Not To Be One - By NadineAmanduh

Horizontal to Vertical. You’ll notice I always include the name of my blog and the trademark color light turquoise is always in the picture.

House Cleaning Made Easy For The Lazy - By nadineAmanduhHouse Cleaning Made Easy For The Lazy - By NadineAmanduh

Colors and Fonts

I got too excited making my own designs that I didn’t stick to one color and set of fonts. Below are samples of my designs that I really like but I didn’t follow my brand’s font and color

Pretty, but it doesn’t do the job completely. I missed being consistent with the color and the fonts. Two of my main fonts on my blog is the Amatic SC which I normally use for the Blog Post title and headings. For the blog content I use Shadows Into Light Two. All can be found in Google Fonts. 🙂

So  this time, what I did differently is use my blog’s trademark color ‘light turquoise’ and a combo of white which is very basic. and I stick with using the Amatic SC font since it’s the main font of my blog (I suppose). BUT… I’m using a different font to highlight keywords of the title of my blog:


A style for your brand will allow you to distinguish your brand’s genre. I’m talking about your logo (if you have one), tagline, a color palette, and of course your fonts. The key is to staying consistent (don’t be like me after you’ve read this post lol)

If you’ll come to think of it there are millions and millions of  users on Pinterest. ANd its going to be tough competing to drive traffic to your blog. If your images are infrequent and not consistent, how would people recognize you. BUT… If all of your boards and images has this same theme or template, Pinterest users will suddenly recognize your brand. Get it? Good 🙂

It’s A Sin Not To Add Your Website Link In Your Pins

Why so? Familiarization. Consistent images + Direct Link to your blog =Blog Traffic. Remember Pinterest works like this: People take images from your Pinterest Boards and or from your website then putting it on their board or somewhere else on the internet like their own website or their social media platforms.

That Image that you uploaded out there is designed to link back to your website. And that’s how the connection happens between your Pin and your blog.

Oops! And another think, people can save your image, remove your description and the website link too. Oh no! So that’s why it is important to put your website on your image 😉

Quotes drives extra traffic

I also realize that the most pinned images recently are those of with quotes. I highly recommend getting a good quote from your blog post and convert it into an image too. Like the one below.

Verbal Abuse: Why It Can Break You - By NadineAmanduh  Verbal Abuse: Why It Can Break You - By NadineAmanduh

If you’re not that lazy, you can include more than one pinnable image on your blog. And see how it goes.  Also, don’t forget to include the description on your image attribute and on your pinterest. This is a way for pinterest to identify what is the image all about. So instead of just letting you image title on your blog sit on a file name like jgj6kdkd.png, rename it to your blog post title (I also include a dash and my blog name too). Put that on the Title, Alt Attribute and Image Attribute. When you copy you blog link on Pinterest and save your image, it will automatically copy the Image attribute. Cool!

THAT is all for today. I’m currently working on to have good content, pin-worthy images and my consistency with my brand. If you got questions or would like to add something, please leave me a comment below or you can message me here, and let me know what other posts you would like to read on my blog.

Like this post? Feel free to share it on social media or pin my images on pinterest. Thanks for reading! 😉

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