Why It's Definitely OK Not To Get Your Dream Job - By NadineAmanduh

Why It’s OK Not To Get Your Dream Job

It is human nature to desire for something or to have an ambition. Sometimes this. ambition is commonly known as a dream job. A dream job is your chosen career with the combination of your talents and passion that is meaningful to you. It could be something that you want since you were a child. Or perhaps something  that you got to witness when growing up. Like for example you saw a model on a runway and hoped that someday you would want to be one. Or you’ve seen a doctor save a life and decided for yourself that someday you wanted to be a doctor. But sometimes circumstances won’t allow us to have our dream job.

Why It's Definitely OK Not To Get Your Dream Job - By NadineAmanduh



First, I just want to say that I’ve been in the same shoes wanting a dream job. I wanted to be a become a designer, a professional model, a registered nurse, a doctor, even a flight attendant before. But life did not work too well for me in many ways. I did not became a designer (fashion and interior), did not become a professional model (though I had some modeling gigs before I ended college up to 2015). Nor I did not become a registered nurse, a doctor, and a flight attendant. But it’s totally OK! Remember:

“Not getting your dream job doesn’t make you less of a person”

And on today’s blog I would like to share my insights on why it’s totally okay not to get that dream job. What will always matter is your happiness, your survival, and those people who matter to you most.

Why It’s Definitely Ok Not To Get Your Dream Job - By NadineAmanduh

We may have been pressured by our parents

Normally, what a parent would want for their offspring is to succeed (of course). There are instances let’s say lawyers runs on the family line then most likely your parents would like you to be a lawyer. Basically, our parents just wants the best for their children. And what’s best for them is something specific. It’s where they can view the success for you. After you graduate college, got your diploma and go job hunting. Sometimes (or most of the time)  we don’t land on the job that we want but we took the job anyway coz we need a job. Yes? As we stayed on the job that our parents don’t want, we may feel that we kind of disappointed them. The thing is, WE (you and your parents) need to accept the fact that “life is unfair” (very basic  and very true). Not all the odds will be in favor of us. But its human nature for us to survive and find gratitude for what we have.

As for my situation, I remember wanting to become a registered nurse. But I need to get a job because I have a daughter and need to somehow provide for the family. Ended up in the BPO industry ( for almost 8 years now). Also my view changed and wanted to become a flight attendant. I worked hard for the looks, the uniform, and did my research. Thinking I can achieve it and it could become a great career for me. But there’s no luck. All of the hardwork wouldn’t really equate to something great. And I’ve tried both local and international airlines that is available here in the Philippines but still didn’t nail it. Now I’m currently working  as an Executive Assistant for a BPO company.

Your dream job is way to expensive

You need to do a reality check here. For example, becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or a pilot. It takes tons of money before you can finally get that dream job. What if your parents can’t afford it? Are you just going to sulk there and feel the weight of how miserable life is to you just because you did not achieve your dream job? I wish not. Sometimes getting into an unexpected job leads us to more challenges and adds up to your life experience. And there is more to that. The major challenge would always be is how to find passion in that current job that you have. I know many of are in our current job because we are the breadwinners of the family, or your just the type of person being practical. You may not have passion with your current job. But at least Be thankful that you have a job. Do well. And seek for better opportunities as time goes by. 

I was a Technical Support Representative for a long time before I got promoted as a Customer Insight Analyst. During the time I was in Technical Support, I never really had the passion for the job. But I know to myself that I need this job and I should be thankful. I also tried other opportunities within the industry but didn’t make it. I was also applying for flight attendant positions while I’m in my current job but still no good. Finally I got promoted. I have to be honest those, are not my best working years in the industry (or at least I feel so). After a year, I get to be an Executive Assistant in the same company. Salary is not that too big (for those who are asking) but still thankful.

“Opportunities will not always knock at your door. Sometimes we have to get out of that door and chase for those opportunities.”

Why It's OK Not To Get Your Dream Job - By NadineAmanduh

Find a creative outlet in your current job or outside your current job

We may have a regular 8-9 hour job and can get stressed at work. But what is 8-9 hours from your 24 hours + the weekends? Not getting your dream job doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at work or after work. You can develop new friendship at work. Share your interest with a circle of your colleagues. Plan an outing or a social gathering over the weekend. Share your hobbies with each other. It may be short-term but this keeps you away from  thinking of not getting your dream job and your stress from your current job. As for me, I’m a creative person. I like drawing and designing or whatever. I incorporate my creativeness at my work when I do my calendar invites and jot down my tasks for the day. Your passion will eventually come. Find a work life balance and sooner or later you will find passion with your job and open your door for opportunities.

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